Leon Edwards Hit Back At Tyron Woodley

Number four ranked UFC welterweight Leon Edwards and the former champ Tyron Woodley were scheduled to meet at UFC London in March, before the event was cancelled. But even before their fight fell victim to the coronavirus pandemic, the two were trading blows.

And it doesn’t look like the bad blood is going to stop anytime soon. Speaking to ESPN earlier this week, Woodley ridiculed Edwards for “taking a loss” in the infamous backstage scuffle with Jorge Masvidal at last year’s UFC London.

Speaking to MMA Junkie, Edwards hit back at Woodley and took the opportunity to throw shade the former champion’s rapping skills.

“His rapping career is the biggest ‘L’. That’s the biggest ‘L’ – his rapping,” Edwards said. “I don’t know. I think he had nothing to say. He’s talking about something that happened two years ago. Like, no way he hasn’t seen that video. He’s just using something to mention to keep his name relevant, really. It is what it is. It doesn’t bother me.”

While Woodley is set to fight Gilbert Burns this weekend at UFC Vegas, Edwards doesn’t have a scheduled opponent. Although he would like to fight Woodley, the 28 year-old said it is unlikely as he wants to compete by late summer.

“If Woodley wins, he probably won’t fight now until the end of the year, so I cannot wait until that long to compete. I want to compete this summer – latest, early September,” Edwards said. “But I would prefer in the summertime. So if any of them fight – it depends who wins. If it’s Burns, it’s probably a faster turnaround. Woodley will probably be a longer situation.”

Edwards is open to fighting Burns next as well, if he wins, but only if it gets him what he wants.

“If it’s a guaranteed number one contender spot. If not then no,” Edwards explained.

Although Edwards has had many heated exchanges with Woodley, the motivation to fight him is not emotional, but rather competitive.

“The only reason I was going to fight him was because he’s like, ‘I’m the best welterweight of all time,’ and I truly believe that I am better. So there’s no bad blood between me and him,” Edwards said. “I don’t know him. So all it is, I wanted to compete against him. He says he’s the best. I know I’m the best. So that’s all it was, and that’s where it stops.

Who do you think wins this weekend at UFC Vegas, Tyron Woodley or Gilbert Burns? And who should Leon Edwards fight next?

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