Lethwei: The WLC Announce Safety Protocol For Their Return

As the world comes to terms with living with the global coronavirus pandemic, sports are slowly returning. Likewise, the Burmese sport of lethwei is looking to return to its momentum of rapid growth and expansion, and the leading organisation, the World Lethwei Championship (WLC), has announced a nine-event calendar, starting with a restart in August.

But how will the restart look like under this current climate?

Studio Setting

Like other compatriots , such as the UFC and WWE, the imminent return of the WLC will be within the confines of a studio setting. A studio in Yangon, the economic capital of Myanmar, has already been selected and is currently being renovated according to the promotion’s specifications.

The studio is expected to look similar to WLC’s usual spectacle of bright lights and amazing designs that will excite both the lethwei stars and the viewers at home.

Audience Free

Only key personnel will be provided access into the studio, meaning that for the first time ever, a WLC event will be held without the signature passionate fans that have become associated with every WLC event.

To minimise human interaction, the personnel working on the studio will be grouped and only one group will be allowed inside the studio at any one time. All personnel will also have to undergo regular temperature checks and will be required to wear a mask at all times.

Strict Testing For Athletes

The lethwei stars participating will be protected even further. Every athlete and their cornerman will be tested upon arrival in Yangon. They will be kept within the confines of a hotel, where lodging, food and training facilities will be available.

Outside of the referee of their bout, they will not be interacting with any other individuals, ensuring their safety and protection at all times.

Same World Class Lethwei Action

What the fans will see will be nothing short of the world-class lethwei action that has catapulted the growth of the WLC in the past three years. The best lethwei stars are raring to go and these events will be chock-full of star talent, who are excited to finally get back inside the ring.

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