Luke Rockhold Comments On Chris Weidman’s Move To Light Heavyweight

Luke Rockhold and Chris Weidman are no strangers. In fact, it was Rockhold that dethroned the “All American” champion to become the new UFC Middleweight Champion. A few years removed, and both the fighters are trying to rediscover their former selves. In an effort to do so, the former middleweight champions are now moving up a weight class, and could well be on a collision course for the second time.

While Luke Rockhold’s plans aren’t new, Chris Weidman recently stated that he would be interested in moving to light heavyweight. Rockhold recently spoke about Weidman’s plans with Submission Radio, and said that Weidman is making the right decision.

“Yeah, I think it’s a good move for Chris”, Rockhold opined (via The Body Lock). “He’s probably a bit drained [at 185]. He’s a big guy himself. He should translate well.”

Luke Rockhold also mentioned that Weidman could rediscover his old form at 205 lbs, and also stated that he would be interested in having a rematch with him.

“I think a lot of light heavyweights lack technique and they get away with their size. If you come up with technique and skill, you’ll do well in this weight class. Chris is a tough guy, I’m sure he’ll do his thing. We’ll see down the line [about a rematch], you never know.”

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