Luke Rockhold Hits Back At Anthony Smith

At the UFC Season Press Conference last Friday, Anthony Smith called out Luke Rockhold, saying that he was “going to drill a hole through Luke Rockhold’s f***ing face”. You can see what else he said here.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, Rockhold has hit back at Smith.

“I don’t think much of Anthony Smith. I don’t think he’s very tough, technical, talented. He ain’t got what it takes.”

“He’s not going to be drilling nothing. I will own that kid from start to finish, anywhere he wants to go. He’s not really on my radar. I’m going to go do my thing and I’ll enjoy watching him get beat up, in Stockholm.”

Smith faces Alexander Gustafsson at UFC Stockholm on June 1st, in the main event. Both men are coming off of losses to the UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones.

A month later, Rockhold will make his UFC light heavyweight debut. The former UFC middleweight champion faces Jan Blachowicz, at UFC 239 on July 6th.

Who do you think would win in a fight between Rockhold and Smith?

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