Lyoto Machida Weighs In On USADA’s Credibility Post Jon Jones Fiasco

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Lyoto Machida signed with Bellator MMA last year, and defeated Rafael Carvalho at middleweight. “The Dragon” will next face Chael Sonnen, and Lyoto recently talked to the MMA media about various topics, and weighed in on what he thought about USADA.

The United States Anti-Doping Agency came under severe criticism last year leading up to UFC 232, when Jon Jones was flagged for a banned substance. However, USADA let Jon compete, saying he got flagged for trace amount of metabolite from a few years ago, which was still “pulsating” in his body. Since then, various fighters, promoters, media members and scientists themselves have weighed in on the situation, and Lyoto Machida gave his perspective on things.

“I don’t like to judge anyone. Maybe what USADA is saying really did happen and there’s this contamination from the past”, Machida told MMA Fighting. “But, like, when it’s a game of interests, we have questions and never really know what’s going on, what’s the goal behind all this, and USADA’s intentions and UFC’s intentions. Because of that, I prefer to remain in silence and not weigh in on this because I’m more focused on Bellator now.”

However, Machida also talked about how in his eyes, USADA lost its credibility after the Jon Jones fiasco.

“When I saw different results, different substances and different penalties, man… To me, as a person, it lost credibility”, Machida said. “For me, not being part of USADA… You can’t understand the joy I have. Not having that daily stress… You could be doing everything by the book, but there was always this stress.”

“What I’ve been hearing is that it takes a bit of their credibility away. Double standards”, he later added. “We can see that like every other (entity) it has flaws, too, flaws that we can’t say are intentional, if they are intended to protect (someone), or if it’s just flaws in the system, in the process, but it does have flaws.”

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