Marc Goddard Opens Up On Colby Covington’s Comments Towards Him

Referee Marc Goddard has spoken out on the verbal abuse he has received from Colby Covington since UFC 245, where he stopped the contest in the final minute of the headline title fight, giving the win to Kamaru Usman over ‘Chaos’.

There will always be some subjectiveness to officiating fights, but welterweight contender Covington has made sure the world knows how he feels about Goddard, who is considered to be one of the best referees in the world.

Speaking to The Schmo (as transcribed by Essentially Sports), Goddard said that as a professional referee, it’s his duty not to respond to Covington’s comments.

“As far as Colby Covington goes, I’m a professional,” Goddard stated. “I could not care less what that man says anymore. I’ve listened to him slander and besmirch me for six months, and as a referee, we’re not supposed to respond. And I’m not going to respond, you know.”

While not responding directly to Covington’s comments. Goddard did however defend his credentials in the sport.

“He doesn’t know what I put into this game. As a referee you’re going to make decisions sometimes that’s gonna please half of the room and upset the other half. I know what I do, and I know how I do it. I have integrity.”

Covington isn’t shy when it comes to trash talking, but Goddard believes that he should save it for his opponents.

“Sadly you get people like Colby, save your schtick for your opponents. It’s not for me, you know. You get upset with me, it’s no problem, there’s plenty of other referees. Of course, I’m not gonna officiate another one of his fights.”

Marc Goddard has just spent the last few weeks on UFC Fight Island officiating on all four cards. While Colby Covington hasn’t competed since losing to Kamaru Usman at UFC 245 last December.

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