Masvidal On McGregor, Covington And Running The Welterweight Division

On Monday, Ariel Helwani hosted his 2019 Nose Awards for top MMA performances. And one man picked up more awards than anyone else – Jorge Masvidal. Winning Male Fighter of the Year, Knockout of the Year (against Ben Askren), Comeback of the Year, Most Improved Fighter of the Year and Story of the Year. While on the show accepting his awards, ‘Gamebred’ took the opportunity to again call out Conor McGregor and hit out at his former best friend, Colby Covington.

This time last year, Masvidal hadn’t fought in over a year and was on a two fight losing streak. Fast forward to the start of the new decade, and the 35 year old has the MMA world at his feet.

While UFC president Dana White has stated that he wants to see Masvidal fight Kamaru Usman for the welterweight title next, Jorge himself has consistently stated that he is after the ‘money’ fights this year. And a fight with McGregor would be as big as a money fight as you’re going to get in MMA.

“Yes, I would want that fight. It’s a big money fight. It’s a dude that’s a two-time division champion. He has some impressive records and he comes to fight man. So in that aspect, yes. And we’re going to both f***ing sell out wherever we’re f***ing fighting at, and it’s going to be violence.”

Masvidal went on to say that he’s not going to chase the McGregor fight and that whatever happens, he’s running the show in the UFC welterweight division now.

“But if the dude doesn’t want to fight, I’m not a bully man, go do your thing. He doesn’t want this? I don’t give a f*** then. You don’t wanna fight, you don’t wanna fight. Don’t flirt with me. You want it or you don’t. Leave me the f*** alone if you don’t. I’m gonna go take care of Usman.

“He was talking about he wants the title fight with Usman. No, no. At ’70 (welterweight), the way I am, I’ll decide when Usman will fight, who he’s gonna fight, all that s***. Everybody knows that. [Usman] might have the f***ing belt but I’m the one calling the f***ing shots.”

Also this time last year, Masvidal and Covington were best friends but after their bromance went sour in 2019, a fight between the two in 2020 would be big business.

However, according to Masvidal, as it stands, Covington isn’t training. According to ‘Gamebred’, Covington hasn’t been seen at American Top Team since he had his jaw broken, fighting Kamaru Usman in the UFC 245 main event. Adding that ‘Chaos’ had the secret service protecting him around the clock now.

“D, (Dustin Poirier) is going to get upset that I’m even saying this because it’s locker room talk but, he’s like, ‘Yo man, where the f*** is Colby?’ So I’m like, don’t even worry about him because he’s on a witness protection program.

“When you see this dude, you can’t even touch him. And he’s like, ‘I’m telling you, I am going to f*** his ass up, I’m tired of this s***.’ So I say D listen, he’s got like, I don’t know if Trump hired them or something but has the secret service with him. It’s nuts because you can’t even look in the guy’s direction, he’s got too many people on his side.

“But nah, that dude don’t go to the gym man. He’s a punk and he got what he deserved.”

Who do you want to see Jorge Masvidal fight next?

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