Masvidal Says He’s Going To Break Askren’s Face, Askren Responds

After Jorge Masvidal and Leon Edwards came to blows backstage at UFC London in March, following impressive wins for both welterweights, it seemed fairly obvious that Masvidal vs Edwards should be booked next. After all, MMA fans love a grudge match.

But what most fans forgot, there’s a man that Masvidal hates more than Edwards. And even more than Michael Bisping. And that man is Ben Askren.

The two meet next month at UFC 239 and according to Masvidal, Askren can expect a lot more than just a ‘three piece and soda’. As ‘Gamebred’ told Radio.

“I want to break Ben’s face on a personal note, you know? I want to hurt the dude, man, but I don’t want to take him out or anything, I just want to beat his ass for as long as I can. Beat him to an inch within his life and then let him recover and then do that again, as many times as I can, so that I utterly break him.

“I met Ben a long time ago and he’s just one of these dudes that just talks man, you know? Goes to a gym and talks about a session that he had with somebody. Like, man, he got no respect for yourself or your f***ing teammates, s*** like that. But it’s the new age s*** like we’ve talked about. These guys will say anything to get a like on Facebook, to get a re-post on Twitter. They’ll say anything, they’ll sell their mother out. They have to just to ignite that buzz.”

Whereas Askren has won over many fans since signing with the UFC at the end of last year, his ‘corny’ trash talking hasn’t won over Masvidal.

“It’s corny. I’m glad I’m the dude that gets to break his face. He’s one of those dudes, he’s just talking. He’s so irrelevant he tries to make himself relevant by just talking, just constantly talking, talking, talking, talking, talking and we’re going to see where that talking leads to July 6th.

“I’m going to break his will first, that’s the first thing I’m going to do. He’s a dude that likes to pride himself on his will. I’m going to break his will and then after that I’m going to break his face. I’m going to hurt him. I want to hurt this dude, I want to have fun, like I’ve always had fun in there. I just can’t wait man. That’s what I want to do. Punch him for 14 minutes and like 50 seconds is what I want to do and then put the poor dog out of his misery.”

If Askren gets too close to Masvidal in the lead up to their 170lbs contest, we may not have to wait for fight night to see Masvidal throw the first punch.

“If Ben violates my personal space at any moment to where I feel a threat, yeah, it’s going to happen, the same thing that happened with Leon, if Leon’s across the room and I’m not doing an interview and he’s talking s***, well whatever man, f*** it.

“People have to understand it’s built into me to go into defence mode if somebody violates my personal space. I don’t know, as well as I can read body language, I really don’t know what somebody’s intentions are. I don’t know if he’s going to come over and be like, ‘boom roasted’ or some corny ass shit like that or if he’s going to try to double flip me. 

“I don’t know these things so, as long as he keeps his distance from me, ain’t going to be no problems you know? If he’s at a distance where I’m unsafe and I feel threatened you know? Yeah, I think things will happen”

On hearing Masivdal’s comments, it didn’t take long for Askren to respond, in typical ‘Funky’ style.

UFC 239 goes down on July 6th at the T-Mobile Arena, in Las Vegas.

How do you see this fight playing out?

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