Matt Hughes Reportedly Suing Train Operator

Matt Hughes was involved in a near-fatal accident in 2017, which left him with severe brain damage. Hughes has since made a miraculous recovery, and according to reports, the former UFC welterweight champion is now suing the operator, Norfolk Southern Railway.

As per MMA Fighting, Matt named his estranged wife Audra as the co-plaintiff. The complaint reportedly states that the train operator, Norfolk Southern Railway failed to give adequate warning signs of the train approaching, and that they “posed a grave danger to the public”. Matt and Audra reportedly also seek $50,000 individually, attorney costs and other relief allowed by the court.

The excerpt of the complaint obtained by MMA Fighting also states that Matt was lawfully driving, when the train collided with his vehicle and was “thrown dozens of feet”, resulting in “severe, progressive and permanent brain and bodily injuries”.

Matt Hughes’s attorneys also reportedly stated that the fighter has lost the opportunity to earn because of the accident, and requires ongoing medical care and a caretaker.

The complaint also states, “The injuries he suffered have caused his personality to change and his marriage and relationships with friends and family have been strained”.

Audra Hughes, who was named as the co-plaintiff seeks compensation for damages for medical expenses and treatment, “for which she will now and in the future be obligated” and “the society, companionship and relationship with her husband of which she has been deprived.”

Norfolk Southern Railway has since denied all the allegations, and said that they had put sufficient warnings in place, and hold Matt Hughes responsible for the accident. The defense attorney for the railway, Charles Swartwout mentioned that Matt did not stop his vehicle at a safe distance, and failed to yield the right of way. He also claimed Hughes “knowingly drove his vehicle onto a railroad grade crossing”. The attorney also said that Hughes was on his phone at the time of the accident, which Matt’s son alluded to during the UFC documentary on Matt.

Norfolk Southern Railway has requested a jury trial, and filed motions to dismiss the lawsuit. Matt recently filed for divorce, after Audra obtained a restraining order citing domestic violence.

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