Mayweather: I’m Staying Retired, Also Mayweather: I’m Coming Out Of Retirement

Floyd Mayweather has sent out mixed signals in the last few days. Other than an exhibition boxing match against Tenshin Nasukawa almost one year ago, the last time the undefeated boxing star competed was against Conor McGregor in 2017.

Speaking to Reuters this week, Mayweather declared that he has no intention of coming out of retirement and returning to the ‘brutal sport’ of boxing.

“I’ve got calls to get back into the ring, but my health is my wealth. Boxing is a very, very brutal sport. In the last few years a lot of fighters have died inside that squared circle.

“You have got to know when to hang it up. I had a great career,” Mayweather said. “I’ll still travel and do exhibitions. I make great money doing exhibitions — between $10 and $30 million. I think I make more doing that than most fighters make fighting.”

However, in the last couple of hours, the 42 year old has taken to social media to tease of a return to the ring. In the first of two posts, Mayweather posted that he and UFC president Dana White were “working together again to bring the world another spectacular event in 2020”.

This post was followed immediately by a post stating that the boxing great was “Coming out of retirement in 2020”.

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Coming out of retirement in 2020

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Mayweather and Dana worked together two years ago, when ‘Money’ fought Conor McGregor.

Earlier this year, Dana announced that Zuffa Boxing would officially become a thing in October. However, he has since stated that there have been complications that have pushed the date back.

What do you think Floyd Mayweather and Dana White have planned for 2020?

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