Michael Bisping: “Francis Ngannou Would Beat Jon Jones”

Michael Bisping was recently inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame, and the former UFC Middleweight Champion has always been a controversial, polarizing figure. Part of Bisping’s notoriety comes from him being straightforward with his thoughts.

During the most recent edition of his podcast ‘ Believe You Me‘, Michael Bisping talked about Francis Ngannou and the scary power he possesses. While Michael acknowledged the fact that Francis’s biggest weakness has been his wrestling, with Stipe Miocic beating Ngannou not too long ago, Bisping also opined that Ngannou would even beat the current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Jon Jones.

“I can’t help but think that Francis Ngannou pretty much knocks out everybody right now”, Bisping said on his podcast (transcript via BJPenn.com). “Of course I think ‘DC’ would be the worst matchup. ‘DC’ would be the worst matchup because of the wrestling. And of course Stipe (Miocic) beat him as well, so we can’t do a disservice to Stipe. But I’ve got a feeling Ngannou would beat Jones. I just do. I know Jones is a good wrestler, he’s got a real nice, fast double leg entry. But I don’t know, I reckon Jones vs. Ngannou, Ngannou takes it.”

Bisping also went on to say that Francis Ngannou would not only beat Jon Jones, but would also knock him out.

“I’m telling you, Ngannou connects with Jon Jones flush, Jones is going to sleep”, he said. “That’s a fact. I’m sorry, I’m not being a hater on Jones for saying that. I’m being pro-Ngannou.”

During his UFC 239 fight Thiago Santos, Jon Jones ate a couple of shots, but did not even flinch. While Santos certainly packs a punch, there is arguably no other fighter on the planet who can punch as hard as Francis Ngannou.

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