Miesha Tate Criticises Conor McGregor

One of the biggest stories of the week was the arrest of Conor McGregor, for taking Ahmed Abdirzak’s phone and smashing it up outside of the Fontainebleau hotel nightclub, at around 5am on Monday. You can read more about the incident here and watch the incident here.

Not for the first time, McGregor has the MMA world talking about him, airing their opinion. One such person to air her opinion, is the former UFC women’s bantamweight champion, Miesha Tate. The new Vice-President at ONE Championship told MMA Tonight that you have to deal with fans being out of line at times, when you’re a megastar like McGregor. As transcribed by MMA Junkie.

“It’s not breaking the law, and it’s not illegal. It’s annoying but it’s not crossing the line.

“He is a megastar. He has made himself into one of the most recognizable faces … and he’s making millions and millions and millions of dollars. He’s created that. So, what I think is that this fan was out of line. He was disrespectful and probably should’ve had a little more common sense to respect the space of Conor. With that being said, I guarantee you that guy’s bought every single one of Conor McGregor’s pay-per-views.

“So figure it out, Conor. Do you appreciate your fans, all of them, the ones that are making you rich, or not? Blow the guy off. That’s kind of what you have to do. It’s the price of fame.

“It’s not helping anything, and it’s the unfortunate thing that I think megastars and super famous people have to learn to put up with. And Conor’s no exception. You cannot take a person’s phone and smash it.”

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