Mike Perry Goes Crazy On Darren Till: He’s A F***ing Piece Of S***

Mike Perry and Darren Till were once sharing friendly encounters and even a shared asparring session, where the Brit famously confused the word ‘spar’ with ‘spa’. They also have a history of calling each other out. But things have gotten very heated between the two in the last day.

It all started when Till made some inappropriate comments about Perry’s new girlfriend on Instagram. ‘Platinum’ didn’t take too kindly to his comments and he sent a barrage of insults in Till’s direction while speaking to MMA Junkie.

“I wanna (expletive) Darren Till’s mom, too – (expletive) Darren Till. I want to fight Darren Till,” he said. “I want to fight him, then I want to jump out the cage like Khabib (Nurmagomedov) did and jump kick his mom in the face. (Expletive) Darren Till.

“He’s a (expletive) piece of (expletive),” Perry continued. “He’s a (expletive). There’s nothing wrong with being a (expletive) unless you just like sucking (expletive). That’s cool. He likes to suck (expletive). That’s why he wanted to go to the spa. (Expletive) him. Excuse my language if that’s terrible, but I hate that mother(expletive’s) guts. I don’t like when people say certain things.”

Although Perry and Till are currently in different weight classes, ‘Platinum’, who normally competes at welterweight, is ready to fight ‘The Gorilla’ at 185lbs.

“It doesn’t line up as well, because I’m 185 pounds right now. If he wants to cut weight to 185, I’ll fight his ass at 185. I’ll try to put a couple pounds on, and I’ll be faster than him, and he’ll be a fat piece of (expletive). (Expletive) him.”

Perry then reflected on the infamous sparring session with Till, and according to him, it wasn’t even competitive.

“I busted his eye open when we sparred that one time. He has some heavy hips, I’ll tell him that,” he said. “Because he’s a fat piece of (expletive) so his hips were heavy. His feet were glued to the (expletive) floor, but I busted his eye up, and I (expletive) him about 20 times with combinations, little pity pats to the face.

“He was easy to hit, it’s like he was a statute sitting still, and I was dancing around him then he tried to shoot on me, and I kneed him in the (expletive) eye, and he was bleeding in that little picture we took. You ask him about sparring with Mike Perry.”

Asked when he wants to fight Till, Perry said said he was ready to fight anytime.

“June, July – I’m ready. Tomorrow, tonight, yesterday, the next day,” he said. “It don’t matter, bro.”

Not finished there however, ‘Platinum’ continued his tirade on social media.

Do you want to see Mike Perry and Darren Till settle their differences inside the Octagon?


Darren Till has responded to Mike Perry’s comments, over several social media posts.

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