Mike Tyson Answers Evander Holyfield Speculations And Tito Ortiz Callout

Former undisputed heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson, has been teasing the public about the possible comeback for the last few weeks. Including posting a short video from one of his training sessions, in which he looks astonishing. Recently, another retired boxing legend, Evander Holyfield, also announced a comeback, and stated that he’s interested in a fight with his former nemesis.

Speaking to TMZ Sports (transcript by BJPenn.com), Tyson opened up on wanting to fight Holyfield in a charity match.

“There are a lot of people out there that need help, and something like that can help a lot of people that’s in need of help,” he said. “That’s a lot of money for charity. That is basically what I have embarked on in a life of charity and gratitude. I don’t know if me and Evander will ever get in the ring [again]. That would be awesome for charity, too.

“Could you imagine me and him going into the ring together, archenemies, and doing it for humanity of people and people less fortunate than ourselves? What would that be like? That is something that has never been done before with any entertainer or any sports figure in the history of entertainment and sports.”

Tyson and Holyfield have met each other twice in the ring before, in 1996 and 1997. ‘The Real Deal’ won both fights, the first by TKO and the second via disqualification, following the infamous biting of the ear.

However, Holyfield is not the only fighter who is looking for to fight ‘Iron Mike’. Two UFC Hall of Famers have also put their names in the mix. The first being Tito Ortiz, who took to social media to call out Tyson.

When asked about Ortiz’s call out, Tyson replied in the fashion of a champion, anybody-anywhere.

“I don’t really know, but listen, anybody that’s willing to contribute to this charity, they’re welcome to come in and challenge me. I would be open for anyone,” Tyson asserted.

While fellow UFC legend, Ken Shamrock has also expressed an interest in fighting the boxing great. Speaking to Fight Network (transcript by BJPenn.com), the 56 year old said that Tyson would be an ideal opponent for him.

“I’m always hungry to fight. That’s in my DNA. I love doing it, I’ve always loved doing it. At the same time I’ve also got to be smart too, and understand that it has to be something that makes sense if I’m going to get in the ring. I’m not going to fight some 27-year-old in his prime. It would be ridiculous for me to do that,” Shamrock said.

“But if something made sense, I would do it. I love competing. I’ve always loved competing. Someone like Mike Tyson would be a perfect fight for me, because it’s something I love doing. I love competing and I love competing against the best, so it’d be a perfect scenario for me.”

Would you rather see Mike Tyson fight Evander Holyfield, Tito Ortiz or Ken Shamrock?

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