More Abnormal Test Results Come Back For Jon Jones

It wouldn’t be a Jon Jones fight week, without some talk of abnormal test results for the UFC light heavyweight champion. But whereas the same abnormal test results caused a frenzy ahead of UFC 232 and caused the entire card to be moved from Las Vegas to Los Angeles on six days notice, this time round at UFC 235, it’s no bigger of a deal than Ben Askren pinching Robbie Lawler’s bum at the Media Day Face Offs (which you can watch here by the way).

Basically, the same metabolite he has tested positive for several times in the past, has popped up again. But as before, the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) believe these, now infamous, picograms to be leftovers from when they were discovered at UFC 214, in July of 2017.

On Thursday, the NSAC released the results of five different tests from Jones, taken from the last month. Two of their tests resulted in ‘adverse analytical findings’ of the M3 metabolite for oral-turinabol that has been in Jones’ system since his second fight with Daniel Cormier at UFC 214.

Jones’ test results from the last couple of months, look like this:

Dec. 28: M3 metabolite (VADA for CSAC)

Dec. 29: Clean (USADA, CSAC)

Jan. 6: M3 metabolite (VADA for CSAC)

Jan. 7: M3 metabolite (VADA for CSAC)

Jan. 13: Clean (VADA for CSAC)

Feb. 1: Clean (USADA)

Feb. 9: Clean (VADA for CSAC)

Feb. 14: M3 metabolite (NSAC)

Feb. 15: M3 metabolite (NSAC)

Feb. 18: Clean (VADA for NSAC)

Feb. 23: Pending (USADA)

The president and director of the Sports Medicine and Research Laboratory, Dr. Daniel Eichner, concluded that the amount of the substance found in the two tests were so tiny, that Jones would have no unfair advantage in his fight with Anthony Smith at this weekend’s UFC 235.

A NSAC statement read:

“The above analytical findings are consistent with the NSAC’s January 29, 2019 order to issue Mr. Jones a single fight license and, as such, the findings will not preclude him from competing on March 2, 2019. Mr. Jones will continue to be subject to random drug testing and monitoring so as to assure his continued compliance.”

UFC 235 will be the first time in four fights that Jones isn’t coming into the fight, coming off of a suspension or having the title stripped from him.

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