Ngannou Interested In Fighting Anthony Johnson Only If Stakes Are High

When Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson was active, there was arguably no one who could hit harder than him, but since he left, that sentiment has been bestowed upon Francis Ngannou. ‘The Predator’ is known for his scary knockout power, and the image of him putting Overeem’s lights out still sends chills up the spines of MMA fans.

So when ‘Rumble’ announced his intentions of making a comeback, but first at heavyweight, the fans stumbled upon a possibility. We can soon see Johnson fighting Ngannou inside the cage — a fight that can truly be considered a ‘fantasy fight’.

However, according to Ngannou, he is only interested in fighting the former light heavyweight title contender if the stakes are high. That doesn’t mean them fighting in the main event of a card, but rather for championship gold. Francis has been left frustrated with lack of viable options, and believes he deserves to fight for the title. However, if that doesn’t happen, he is open to fighting ‘Rumble’ if the terms are met.

“I listened to what he said, and he said it well”, Ngannou told MMA Junkie. “I couldn’t say it better than that. If they put it in the right context and they put the right elements for that fight, then it should happen. But it won’t just be like, ‘OK, just go fight. Entertain people. Just go do some main event’, or whatever, or some special fight. That doesn’t interest me.”

Anthony Johnson (22-6 MMA, 12-6 UFC) retired couple of years ago, but is now back in the gym and expects to return to UFC in early 2020.

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