Nick Diaz On What Would Make Him Return To UFC

Nick Diaz has always been a popular fighter for the ‘ultras’. Those who’ve watched him mock his opponents in Strikeforce and UFC know just how entertaining he can be. With Nick and Nate now being two of the most popular fighters in the sport, every fan wants to see the elder brother compete inside the Octagon again.

The former Strikeforce welterweight champion hasn’t competed in the UFC since 2015, when he fought Anderson Silva. Nick has had a habit of getting into trouble with the athletic commissions, and has been happy staying away from competition.

More recently, Nick said he doesn’t want to hurt anybody, but only wants to party. The older Diaz brother took to Instagram to shed some light on what’s next for him, and what would make him return to cage fighting.

“I’m no role model, I’m 35 years old”, Nick wrote. “But I definitely wouldn’t advise anybody to take a fight for less than their worth or fight for free. Which is practically what I would be doing at this point in taking a fight with some of these guys that are not on my level. Nor would I be within my moral ethics to even do that aside from you not painting me as a role model. If there was an offer I couldn’t refuse, things would be different. Until they are –
I’d like to continue to think I’ve been fighting to make the world a better place, but until I can continue to do that:
“I don’t want to hurt nobody, I just want to party”.”

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