Pacquiao No Longer Interested In Boxing Bout With McGregor

Manny Pacquiao is no longer interested in a boxing bout with Conor McGregor, his representative Sean Gibbons has revealed.

McGregor suffered a shock defeat this past weekend at UFC 257, where Dustin Poirier TKO’d him in the second round. Not only has the defeat hurt his chances of competing for the UFC lightweight title, but it has also put a lucrative boxing bout with Pacquiao at risk.

Speaking ahead UFC 258, McGregor revealed that a boxing bout with Pacquiao was almost a certainty in 2021, but Gibbons played down hopes of a potential matchup between the two superstars.

Not Interested

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Gibbons revealed that the demand for a McGregor fight is no longer there, and urged the Irishman to focus on MMA for now.

“Very unfortunate, it looked like Conor looked past Dustin and got knocked out,” Gibbons said. “Maybe he had the Senator on his mind. I think the demand for the fight is not there presently. Conor has some business to clean up and handle in the UFC. It’s a bummer, it could have been fun for as long as it lasted and know leg kicks would have made a world of difference.”

Fight Was “As Good As Done”

In his post-fight interview, McGregor revealed that although he wants to focus on his MMA career, he is still open to boxing Pacquiao and that a fight with the Filipino legend was “as good as done” before losing to Poirier.

“I always did want to focus on my MMA career but I’m also open. I’ll just see what happens. I don’t know what will happen,” McGregor said. “That Manny fight was happening. It was as good as done. I just want to get in and get back into a bounce, especially against that style of fighter, and not take those kicks. Not play with those kicks. It’s just a motherf***er to take. That’s my mind going.”

With McGregor out of the equation, Pacquiao is now set to compete against boxing prodigy, Ryan Garcia.

Would you still be interested in a boxing bout between Conor McGregor and Manny Pacquiao down the road?

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