Paulie On Conor: Once I Put His Boy In A Coma, He’ll Want To Fight Me

The war of words between Paulie Malignaggi and Team McGregor continues to intensify. Ever since Team McGregor released some videos and photos from their sparring sessions, ahead of Conor McGregor’s fight with Floyd Mayweather in 2017, there has been bad blood between the two.

Ahead of McGregor’s friend and teammate, Artem Lobov’s Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) debut last month, Lobov and Malignaggi had a confrontation that saw the New Yorker slap the Irish Russian.

In response, McGregor posted several photos of their sparring sessions on Twitter, which you can see here.

Speaking to Helen Yee Sports, Malignaggi spoke about how he laughed to himself when McGregor posted the photos.

“Conor was so mad, he just started putting out a bunch of pictures. And most of the pictures, the shots weren’t even landing cleanly. I thought to myself, ‘he’s dying, he wished he had all 36 minutes of him beating my ass’. He would release it right now.

“He was dying to see what he could put out just to spite me and all he could put out was that. And I started laughing because this pussy wishes he had a full video, to be able to release right now. If he had the full video of him kicking my ass, right now is the moment he would release it.”

When asked about Lobov’s performance in his win over Jason Knight at Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 5, Malignaggi wasn’t too complimentary, calling it a ‘pitiful display’.

“I thought it was an exciting fight but honestly, it made me wonder how I’m not going to hurt this guy. He’s very, very limited. It was a pitiful, pitiful display.”

If it was up to Malignaggi, he’d be fighting McGregor instead of Lobov. But he has a plan to get the fight with the former UFC two division champion.

“I would have just fought Conor and settled it that way but now, once I’ve put his boy in a coma, he’s going to want to fight me.

Earlier today, BKFC president David Feldman confirmed that Malignaggi vs Lobov would take place in Manchester, New Hampshire.

How do you see the Malignaggi vs Lobov fight going? And do you think a win for the former boxing world champion, will open the door to a fight with McGregor?

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