‘Sack Up’: Donald Cerrone Tells Conor McGregor To Sign The Contract

Donald Cerrone isn’t someone who minces his words. ‘Cowboy’ and Conor McGregor have called each other out, and just when it looked like the honeymoon period would end with a fight between the two, those discussions have now hit a snag.

Donald Cerrone is an exciting fighter that the fans love to see compete. Conor McGregor is, well… he’s Conor McGregor. Regardless of who he fights, the former two-division champion brings eyeballs and cash. However, according to Cerrone who recently spoke with ESPN, there is a bit of a problem.

“Conor won’t fight unless it’s a main event”, Cerrone revealed (transcribed by ESPN). “I don’t know if it’s an ego thing or a status thing for him. I don’t give a s—. I’ll fight anyone, anywhere, and I stand by that all the time. I guess he’s a prima donna and only takes main event spots. I don’t know.”

Cerrone (35-11 MMA) is now 35, and wants to stay active. While he wanted to fight Conor sooner, according to ‘Cowboy’, Conor McGregor said he wasn’t ready to fight in April.

“We were all waiting on Conor for April, and he said he wasn’t ready”, Cerrone said. “I don’t know how in one breath you can say, ‘I’ll fight anyone, anytime, anywhere,’ and the next one say, ‘I’m not ready for that one.’

“I’m more annoyed that he went radio silent after putting it out. I get it, you want to stay relevant by putting it out there, but then you can’t go radio silent. Sack up, b—-. Sign the f—ing paper.”

Conor McGregor’s last fight ended with a devastating loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov. While Khabib is now expected to fight Tony Ferguson next, Cerrone doesn’t want to wait too long, even if it means losing the opportunity to fight the golden goose.

“I call the UFC and tell them what to do, they tell me to shut the f— up and go sit in the corner”, Cerrone said. “I don’t have any say on that stuff. What I do know is July is the latest I’m fighting. That’s the f—ing latest. I will not wait longer than that.”

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