Sage Northcutt: It’d Be Cool To Fight On Same Card As My Sister Colbey

Sage Northcutt was obviously happy when his sister Colbey Northcutt Daniel signed with ONE Championship last November. Now he wants to compete on the same card as his older sister.

In his ONE debut against Cosmo Alexandre at ONE: Enter The Dragon, Sage was on the wrong end of a 29-second knockout. However, Colbey fared better in her debut, winning a unanimous decision against Putri Padmi at ONE: Edge Of Greatness.

Speaking to MMA Fighting, Northcutt opened up on how he hopes to fight on the same card as his sister the next time they compete inside the ONE Circle.

“[Colbey’s] first fight for ONE Championship, it went great, it was amazing. I can see that’s just the beginning for her. I think she’s gonna keep doing amazing things and getting better and better now that she’s training and able to keep improving. … I hope that me and Colbey can fight on the same card sometime in the future. That would be super cool.

“We used to do that growing up when we first started having amateur fights for MMA, we used to fight on the same card. That would be so cool to do that for ONE Championship.”

Unlike ONE atomweight champion Angela Lee, who has openly discussed how she finds it stressful competing on the same card as her brother Christian, Sage believes fighting on the same event as his sister will actually reduce his stress levels on fight night.

“I don’t know about added stress. For me, having all the karate tournaments growing up with my sister and also competing as an amateur MMA fighter with my sister on the same card. Same night, same card, back-to-back. I didn’t really feel any added stress.

“I felt kind of stress relief for me, I guess because I was getting to focus on my sister too and think about her doing great, then my coaches using that to pump me up because she always did amazing in her fights. I didn’t really feel any added stress, but I could definitely see something like that if things weren’t to pan out as what you’d want, or just being in that environment.”

ONE Championship seems perfectly tailored for Sage, who is known among fans for his polite nature. However, he has admitted that things can get pretty heated and competitive in the Northcutt household. Particularly when playing UNO. The 24 year old revealed that the classic card game has been played a lot at home during the coronavirus lockdown.

“It gets super competitive. Me and my family are always super competitive. Obviously, we don’t like to lose. We can be super nice, but no one likes to lose. Especially UNO? Not happening.”

Colbey has also expressed a desire to compete on the same card as her brother. Sage however, is patiently waiting for doctor’s clearance to compete again, following the injuries his sustained in his ONE debut. When he does return, he plans to move down to weight classes to featherweight.

Who would you like to see Sage and Colbey Northcutt face once ONE Championship is back up and fully running again?

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