Sean O’Malley Wants To Fight ASAP Following UFC 250 KO Win

‘Sugar’ Sean O’Malley is looking for a speedy return to the Octagon, following his first round victory at UFC 250. The undefeated striking sensation secured the twelfth win of his young career with a perfectly timed right hand, that rendered Eddie Wineland completely unconscious.

O’Malley has proved a hit with fans inside and outside of the cage. Alongside his impressive MMA performances, his online profile has reached new heights since he began producing regular content for a growing army of Youtube and Instagram followers. With this in mind, the Montana native is looking to sign a new fight deal and maintain his recent momentum.

Contracts have been the hot topic in UFC news recently, since Jon Jones, Jorge Masvidal and Conor McGregor have drawn attention to their failed negotiations with the company. However, speaking to the media after his win at UFC 250 (as transcribed by MMA Mania), O’Malley said that he won’t fall victim to the same issues just yet.

“I think our situation is a little different. Those guys have had big fights and a lot of fights and big wins. I’m not asking for a lot, like literally what I was asking for was still less than everyone made tonight. I just want it to be fair.

“I think the whole week was about the Sugar Show. I was supposed to renegotiate after the Quinonez fight, it didn’t happen. So it sucks that it even has to come up and be about money. It shouldn’t have to be, it should be fair, it should be something that we can all agree on and I definitely just want to get paid what I feel I’m worth.”

O’Malley took home $80,000 in disclosed pay for defeating Wineland, which was then supplemented by a further $50,000 Performance of the Night award. The impressive stoppage will provide him with a solid platform for negotiations and if things go well, he says that he’d like to fight again as soon as possible.

“Is Fight Island going to be a thing? Are we going to be able to go? I like fighting in Vegas, I guess but if Fight Island is a thing we can start looking at other opponents outside of the United States. I don’t have a name right now [for next opponent], it depends on who’s healthy, who’s coming off a win. How some of these other fights might play out tonight.

“There are too many things I gotta figure out, but I should be able to figure it out fast. I have no injuries, my shin hurts, I think I landed a kick on his elbow with my shin. But other than that I’m healthy and ready to go. A week, a month. Whatever.”

While O’Malley is putting the 135lbs division on notice with his striking, ‘Sugar’ wants to remind everyone that there is still plenty more that we haven’t seen from him yet.

“I do more jiu jitsu and grappling than anything, trying to get my grappling as high level as my striking and I’m almost there. And I’m just going to continue to get better on both those and I’m going to be a very, very dangerous bantamweight. And I want to become the best bantamweight ever. I’m 25, I’m going to be in this sport hopefully at bantamweight for five, six years. So I have a lot of fights to put in and a lot of work to do, and as far as who a good opponent would be, it depends on the UFC and what we talk about. But we can keep fighting strikers, I’m down to keep knocking people out.”

Who do you think that Sean O’Malley should fight next?

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