Sons Of lethwei Legends To Meet In The Ring At WLC: King Of Nine Limbs

Htet Naing Aung and Sai Maung Maung, both 17 years old, will face off against each other at World Lethwei Championship’s next event, WLC: KING OF NINE LIMBS, in a lightweight contest. This is no ordinary fight however. This fight will be the continuation of a rivalry that began with their fathers, both of whom are lethwei legends. 

Htet Naing Aung is the youngest son of Zaw Win Tun, 1996 Golden Belt Champion. In the past, the golden belt is recognition of being the best at your weight class at that year. His father is now the coach at Shwe Thaton Lethwei Gym, where Htet Naing Aung is training. 

Htet Naing Aung and his dad Zaw Win Tun
Htet Naing Aung and his father Zaw Win Tun

Sai Maung Maung’s father enjoyed more success. His father Shwe Sai was Myanmar National Openweight Champion. The Openweight Champion is the equivalent of being pound-for-pound champion in the world of lethwei. 

Sai Maung Maung and his dad Shwe Sai
Sai Maung Maung and his father Shwe Sai

Their fathers faced off twice in the past, with Shwe Sai having the upper hand having won one fight while the other was a draw. Htet Naing Aung, however, is optimistic that he has the abilities to get the win on August 2nd.

“When our fathers fought in the ring, I was not born yet. I only saw the fights through videos and hearing the stories . Although our families have history, this is not about them. I will of course want to beat him but I am not treating this as a revenge match. This will be strictly based on my abilities and I am confident I can win.”

Sai Maung echoed the same respectful message, and the same confidence in himself to earn the victory at WLC: KING OF NINE LIMBS.

 “My father always told me that regardless of the wars in the ring, the lethwei fighters are a tight community and always friendly to each other outside the ring. That is something I respect and I will show respect to my opponent but I am very confident.” Sai Maung Maung said. 

Sai Maung Maung in his dad's shorts
Sai Maung Maung in his dad’s shorts

For both fledging youngsters, this bout on the world’s biggest stage will be a fantastic opportunity to continue the legacy of their fathers, while building their own. 

Htet Naing Aung and Sai Maung Maung goes down at WLC: KING OF NINE LIMBS on August 2nd. The main event will see lethwei superstar Dave Leduc face UFC Veteran Seth Baczynski for the inaugural WLC cruiserweight title and Artur Saladiak defend his WLC light middleweight title against Sasha Moisa.

WLC: KING OF NINE LIMBS will be broadcast live on CANAL+ and UFC Fight Pass.

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