Abdelaziz Says He’s Put McGregor On ‘Timeout’ & Ferguson Is ‘Irrelevant’

Exclusive: Ali Abdelaziz talks Khabib vs Justin Gaethje and GSP, and says he has put Conor McGregor on a ‘timeout’ and that Tony Ferguson is now ‘irrelevant’.

UFC: Georges St-Pierre Reveals His MMA GOAT

UFC legend Georges St-Pierre reveals the person who he considers to be the greatest MMA fighter of all time, and explains the reasons behind his choice.

UFC: Dana White Is Open To Khabib vs GSP

UFC president Dana White has stated that if Khabib Nurmagomedov wants to fight Georges St-Pierre in his final fight, he can.

UFC – Georges St-Pierre: It’s Better That I Stay Retired

After Kamaru Usman’s recent call out, Georges St-Pierre has stated that he’s content with his retirement.

GSP Names His Favourite Current Fighter

Georges St-Pierre reveals which fighters make him to tune in to watch the fights. And while he listed many, one name topped his list.

UFC: GSP Opens Up On The One Regret In His Career

Georges St-Pierre has opened up on his UFC Hall of Fame induction, his one regret and his belief that he could once again be the best.

Jon Jones, Nate Diaz & Khabib Respond To Conor McGregor’s GOAT List

Conor McGregor has got fans talking once again, by naming his top four MMA GOAT list. And Jon Jones, Nate Diaz and Khabib were all quick to hit back at the Irishman.

GSP Shares His Thoughts On The Greatest Fighter Of All Time

Newly revealed UFC Hall of Famer Georges St-Pierre, names his list of the greatest ever mixed martial artists.

UFC 249 Post Fight Videos

UFC 249 post fight videos, including the post fight press conference and Georges St-Pierre’s induction to the UFC Hall Of Fame video.

The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition Updates

The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition is set to be broadcast in March 2021. This post contains everything you need to know about the show.

Johny Hendricks On His Loss To GSP: The Fans Knew What Happened

Former UFC welterweight champion Johny Hendricks doesn’t believe that his controversial loss to Georges St-Pierre damaged his legacy.

UFC: Daniel Cormier Doesn’t Believe There Is One GOAT In MMA

Though many would consider him a contender, Daniel Cormier doesn’t believe MMA has an undisputed greatest fighter of all time.

Ali Abdelaziz Claims He Can Make Khabib vs GSP Fight Happen Easily

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s manager Ali Abdelaziz is confident that he can make the fight between his man and Georges St-Pierre happen.

GSP, CTE And OCD: How St-Pierre Hurt Coach Kavanagh’s Feelings

Many people’s GOAT, GSP, raised some eyebrows recently – and some key questions about the inner-workings of a champion – after admitting he hardly enjoyed his time in the cage.

GSP Thinks A Fight Against Khabib Would Have Been Too Risky For UFC

Georges St-Pierre claims that a fight with UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov would have been too risky for the UFC’s future plans.

Bisping Opens Up On His Eye Injury, Adesanya vs Jones And Rockhold

Former UFC middleweight champion and Hall of Famer Michael Bisping, opens up on fighting with a serious eye injury, the potential Israel Adesanya vs Jon Jones fight and his former foe, Luke Rockhold.

GSP Opens Up On Training During The Pandemic And His GOAT Status

UFC legend Georges St-Pierre shares his thoughts on training during the coronavirus pandemic, and being considered the greatest of all time.

Masvidal Has Utmost Respect For GSP But Wants To ‘Break His Face’

Jorge Masvidal says he has the utmost respect for Georges St-Pierre, which is why he wants to ‘f***ing break his face’.

UFC: GSP’s Coach Firas Zahabi Is Backing His Man To Beat Khabib

Georges St-Pierre’s long time coach Firas Zahabi, believes his man will fight again. And should he return against Khabib, he’s very confident that GSP would come out on top.

UFC: Chael Sonnen Is Very Confident GSP Fights Again In 2020

Chael Sonnen is very confident that Georges St-Pierre will fight again in 2020.

UFC: Kamaru Usman Laughs Off Conor McGregor’s Tweet

UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman laughs off Conor McGregor’s recent tweet. And names his ideal next opponent.

UFC: Poirier On Conor, Khabib, Tony, Justin, Cowboy, Nick, Nate And More

Over the last few weeks, whilst he’s been going through rehab from the surgery on his hip, Dustin Poirier has been answering lots of fans’ questions on Twitter.

So we decided to put together all of his best answers in one post.

UFC: Firas Zahabi On GSP Returning And Kevin Lee Becoming Champion

Tristar Head Coach Firas Zahabi opens up on GSP returning to the Octagon and Kevin Lee’s chances of becoming a UFC champion.

UFC: Khabib Wants To Fight Tony Ferguson And Then GSP

Team Khabib state they want to fight Tony Ferguson and then GSP. And outline what Conor McGregor needs to do, to earn another title shot.

Nate Diaz On Not Needing To Fight Again, Not Interested In Winning UFC Belt

Nate Diaz talked to the media ahead of his fight with Jorge Masvidal at UFC 244, explaining how he doesn’t have to fight, and wasn’t interested in fighting for titles

Dana White Talks Khabib Being ‘The Man’, Options For McGregor

Dana White recently talked about Khabib replacing Conor as ‘the man’ in the UFC, and also about who McGregor can face on his return

Georges St-Pierre Admits He Would Come Out Of Retirement For Khabib Nurmagomedov Fight

Former UFC welterweight and middleweight champion Georges St-Pierre said he’d come out of retirement for Khabib Nurmagomedov

Dana White Reacts To Michael Bisping’s Fake Eye

UFC President Dana White recently talked about Michael Bisping and his fake eye, and if he was fighting with one eye towards the end of his career

Firas Zahabi Says Georges St-Pierre Will Only Return For Fight With Khabib Or Conor McGregor

Firas Zahabi, the long time coach of Georges St-Pierre believes that GSP will come back only for a fight with either Conor McGregor or Khabib Nurmagomedov

Firas Zahabi Talks Khabib Nurmagomedov, Tony Ferguson

Tristar gym head trainer Firas Zahabi recently talked about Khabib Nurmagomedov, and Tony Ferguson being the only fighter to have the tools to stop him

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