Tenshin Nasukawa Added To RIZIN 15 Card, Manny Pacquiao To Be In Attendance

RIZIN 15 is just two weeks away, and two additional fights have been added to the card. Two kickboxing fights will feature among eleven other MMA fights, with the young prodigy Tenshin Nasukawa facing Fritz Biagtan. As previously reported, Manny Pacquiao has inked a deal with RIZIN FF, and has said that he will be in attendance at RIZIN 15 in Yokohama, Japan, to cheer on Tenshin’s opponent.

“I respect Tenshin Nasukawa for taking on a challenge against Floyd Mayweather under is rules”, Manny stated. “Tenshin and Myself are the only Asians to have taken such a challenge. I think giving opportunities to young fighters with heart and skill will only help both countries. I will be in Yokomaha to cheer on Fritz. I will see you all there.”

RIZIN’s Nobuyuki Sakakibara and Manny Pacquiao have agreed to work together to give Filipino fighters more opportunities, which is why Manny will be rooting for Fritz Biagtan come April 21st. However, Nasukawa isn’t taking his opponent lightly either.

“My opponent is a fighter that Mannyy Pacquiao will support”, Tenshin said. “I know he will be an extremely tough opponent. I do not plan to take this lightly, but I am in the middle of the RISE tournament so I do’t have time to be losing to anybody right now.”

Sakakibara also spoke about having an exhibition match with Manny Pacquiao, similar to what Floyd Mayweather did last year.

“I would defiantly be interested in talking to Manny about a possible exhibition match, but we are not quite there yet. But if it happens, I don’t think it would be against Tenshin. We learned a lot from dealing with Mayweather. If anybody were to fight Manny in an exhibition, it would have to be Gomi.” He also added, “I heard that Floyd Mayweather will be in Tokyo today or tomorrow. I heard that he may be interested in coming to the RIZIN event as well.”

Updated RIZIN 15 Card

Kyoji Horiguchi vs Ben Nguyen
King Mo vs Jiri Prochazka
Kai Asakura vs Justin Scoggins
Mikuru Asakura vs Luiz Gustavo
Damien Brown vs Koji Takeda
Satoru Kitaoka vs Roberto Satoshi Souza
Manel Kape vs Seiichiro Ito
Karl Albrektsson vs Christiano Frohlich
Kana Watanabe vs Justyna Haba
Shinju Auclair vs Saray Orozco
Teshin Nasukawa vs Fritz Biagtan
Taiga vs Thallison Ferreira

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