‘The Korean Zombie’ On Potential Opponents And ‘The Korean Superboy’

‘The Korean Zombie’ (Chan Sung Jung) was the last UFC fighter to get their hand raised last decade. And while that is something to be proud of, the way in which he finished former champion Frankie Edgar in the first round at UFC Busan, is something to be even more proud of.

Such was the impressive performance, that many fans believe that the 32 year old deserves the next title shot. But while many believe this, ‘The Korean Zombie has stated that he’s prepared to take another fight in the meantime, if necessary.

Speaking to MMA Junkie, ‘The Korean Zombie’ listed the three men that he is looking at to be his next opponent, if he can’t fight the champion Alex Volkanovski next.

“I’m not sure. I’m already hearing words coming from the UFC. The conversations Sean Shelby, Dana White, and more are having, I can’t reveal everything. All I know is that it’s just going to be a whole lot of fun.

“Right now, other than Volkanovski, I’m thinking Zabit [Magomedsharipov], [Brian] Ortega, [Max] Holloway. If I’m not able to contend for the title shot, then I’d like to face one of the three.”

Whether he gets the title shot next or has to win one more fight first, ‘The Korean Zombie’ promises that the UFC featherweight title will be his.

“The day I am given the opportunity for a title shot will be the day I become the champion,” Jung said. “I get a feeling that I won’t ever lose. Becoming the champion will mean that I have achieved my goal, and through that, I will also be able to prove that Asian men are strong as every other man.”

While 2019 finished on a high note for ‘The Korean Zombie’, it didn’t end so well for ‘The Korean Superboy’ (Doo Ho Choi), after he lost to Charles Jourdain. And although the fight earned him a Fight of the Night bonus, the 28 year old also broke his forearm in the first round.

Speaking to MMA Fighting however, ‘The Korean Zombie’ gave his full support and confidence to his fellow countryman.

“I know how strong Doo Ho Choi is. Anyone who has seen him spar or has sparred with him will know. As long as he keeps his mind at check, he’ll keep on improving because he is still quite young.”

Like himself a few years ago, ‘The Korean Superboy’ will begin his two years of mandatory military service in South Korea imminently. But ‘The Korean Zombie’ believes that with the right mindset, this can be a positive experience.

“Doo Ho will be undergoing the same [public service] during his time in the military and will be able to train individually like I did. I think one’s ability to improve and develop depends on how you spend that time.

“Two years isn’t a short time so it’s going to be mentally draining, but in order to become a top-class fighter, this is also a milestone that one needs to overcome.”

Before ‘The Korean Zombie’ and ‘The Korean Superboy’ burst onto the UFC scene, there was Dong Hyun Kim, and for Jung, he was a real source of inspiration and motivation.

“Dong Hyun Kim is the person who paved way for Korean MMA to spread out to the world, and all the fighters in Korea, including myself, are following his footsteps. Before Dong Hyun was signed with UFC, no one knew how the business was run and structured.

“I’ve always aimed to do better than him. By this, I don’t mean I want to replace him, but I want to surpass him in terms of his career. I remember becoming motivated to fight in the UFC thanks to him.”

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