Tony Ferguson Ready To Step In For Khabib Or Poirier At UFC 242

Tony Ferguson doesn’t mince words, and while the former interim champion is seen somewhat as an eccentric figure, he is without a doubt one of the scariest fighters in the lightweight division. Undefeated since 2012, which has seen Tony win 12 fights on the trot, Ferguson has been expecting to fight the lightweight champion for some time now. However, with the animosity brewing between McGregor and Khabib, and the fact that Tony Ferguson pulled out of a fight with Nurmagomedov last year meant that “El Cucuy” had to fight top contenders, while still waiting for his turn.

Recently, Tony spoke with MMA Junkie about moving up a weight class soon, and being ready to step in for one of the main eventers at UFC 242, should they drop out at the last minute.

“We’re fighting for a title either way”, Ferguson told MMA Junkie last Friday at the UFC Hall of Fame ceremony. “Superfights and all that would be interesting as far as (Conor McGregor) and all that good stuff, but Khabib and Poirier, (I’ll take the) winner of that obviously or if someone falls out for the title, for the belt.

“Later on I can knock out everybody at 170, but literally the most important thing right now is Khabib. Give me that belt.”

Ferguson has defeated whose-who in the lightweight division, barring Khabib and McGregor, but says he is now “bored” of the division, and is eyeing a return to 170 lbs.

“Yeah, absolutely. I’m getting bored”, Ferguson said. “I beat everybody (expletive). They send me up to 170 (pounds), I’m going to tell them that I’m up there to collect rent. I get to boot their (expletive) to 155 (pounds) now. It’s funny how that happens. I started at 170, I moved to 155, and I might have to go back up, but it’s part of the program. It’s part of the game.”

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