Tyson Fury Demands Respect For Deontay Wilder

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder have been protagonists in two of the most iconic boxing bouts in modern times. With a draw and a win for ‘The Gypsy King’ on the record books, the two are bound to rematch in the future in a highly anticipated trilogy fight.

Despite the intense rivalry between Fury and Wilder, both fighters show a degree of respect to one another’s pugilistic skills and competitive attitude. Most recently, the British heavyweight praised ‘The Bronze Bomber’s’ willingness to step in the ring against the best rather than cherry-picking opponents to maintain his undefeated status.

Fury commended Wilder for seeking the biggest challenges during ‘The Gypsy King’s’ two and a half year layoff. Specifically, the Manchester-born athlete demanded respect towards ‘The Bronze Bomber’ for attempting to fight heavyweight star, Anthony Joshua, two times — even going as far as offering 80 million dollars for a two-fight deal.

Speaking to iFL TV (as transcribed by TheMacLife), Fury commented on Wilder’s competitive spirit, and how the American should get more respect from the boxing community.

“I have got to give it to [Wilder], he has got the bottle. He wanted to fight the best,” Fury said. “While I was out of the ring, retired, he tried to fight Joshua twice. It was going on for ages, we all know that. [Wilder’s team] offered $80 million, and I know a few people who saw proof of funds — a few people who I definitely trust. $80 million for a two-fight deal and they refused it.

“I don’t think they’re going to get any pay-days like that, any bigger than that. I don’t know what was going through their minds, but they refused it for whatever reason. Because they were afraid of getting chinned by the Bronze Bomber. I stepped up to the plate, and then I had that rematch clause because I’m a good businessman. I made him pay in the rematch. All respect and admiration to big Deontay Wilder.”

Fury also discussed his prediction for a potential matchup between Joshua and Wilder. The current WBC heavyweight champion stated that — given Wilder’s unmatched power — AJ, Jarrell Miller, and interim WBC champ Dillian Whyte, would all succumb against the Tuscaloosa native.

“One hundred per cent [Wilder beats Joshua]. One hundred, million percent. Wilder beats Joshua,” Fury stated. “Wilder beats Joshua, Whyte, Jarrell Miller. There’s nobody who can beat Deontay Wilder. You joking, the Bronze Bomber? One touch from the Bronze Bomber and their faces are gone forever. Good night Vienna.

“Wilder would do to Whyte and Joshua what he did to Dominick Breazeale. Punch them unconscious in round one. They do not have the skills that I have got, can’t touch this. Can’t be touched.

“I just want to see them fight because they keep calling Wilder this, that and the other, but he will put them to sleep. Easy. Soon as he touches them, they’re gone. They’ve got no defence and they just walk into punches. Big long 1-2’s off Deontay Wilder. What are they going to do? Walk him down without a feint, without no footwork? Please. You won’t walk a man like that down, he’ll punch holes in you.

“They will be 44 and 45 on his record, I would definitely, definitely back Wilder to knock the pair out. For sure.”

The heavyweight division’s most recent resurgence can be attributed to the rise of a generation of talented stars in Wilder, Fury, and Joshua. In an era of consistent competition for the number one spot in the division, it is certainly a breath of fresh air to see a champion applaud another fighter’s virtues.

Although promoters and businessmen continue to protect fighters from the toughest challenges, it seems that the heavyweight division will produce some thrilling fights before the year ends. Fans can rest assured that sooner or later Fury, Joshua, Whyte, Wilder, and the rest of the contenders in the weight class will face each other to determine who is the heavyweight king.

Do you think that Deontay Wilder would beat Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte as Tyson Fury predicted?

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