UFC 249: Dominick Cruz Isn’t Hanging Up His Gloves Yet

Dominick Cruz has confirmed that he plans to return to the Octagon, despite suffering a second round TKO loss to Henry Cejudo at UFC 249, after more than a three years on the sidelines.

Immediately after the fight, Cejudo announced his retirement, shocking the MMA world. Despite losing out on the bantamweight title, Cruz says he plans to continue fighting.

Speaking to ESPN (as transcribed by BJPenn.com), Cruz said that he is feeling healthy and is eager to fight again.

“Yeah, I’m in this. I just need to get in there and get some more rounds. Let these legs flush, move them around. I’m healthy, I love feeling lethal, and right now, I am a lethal person still. I just love being healthy. It feels so good to be healthy,” Cruz said. “Even after a fight, to feel healthy like I do, it’s different. I’m usually used to going into these five-round wars and I’m used to double the amount of damage, triple the amount of damage that I took. Over five rounds you just accumulate a lot, even with good decision making you accumulate a lot on your feet and your hands. None of that is taking place. My face is fine, I barely got hit on my face. It’s just part of it. Loss is part of this thing.”

When he does return, Cruz states that there wouldn’t be any issues finding his next opponent.

“I feel healthy and I don’t feel broken, I’m here. I’m going to get back to the gym and train and then move from there. I’ve got people that can make this move anytime we want,” Cruz said. “It’s not going to be hard to find people that want to fight me. It’s not going to be hard for me to find a fight. So, I think it’s needless to say you will be hearing from me in some way shape, or form again.”

After the loss at UFC 249, Cruz hit out at Keith Peterson, accusing the referee of smelling of alcohol and cigarettes. The former champion believed that Peterson stopped the fight prematurely.

Who do you think Dominick Cruz should fight next?

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