UFC: Alex Volkanovski Definitely Interested In Fight With Khabib

There has been a growing trend over recent years where once a fighter has won a UFC title, they’ve been more interested in going after a second belt, rather than defending their own. This can’t be said however for Alex Volkanovski. The new UFC featherweight champion has stated that while he is interested in challenging Khabib Nurmagomedov, his primary goal is to defend his 145lbs title against all comers.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, Volkanovski was asked whether he plans to stay at featherweight.

“Yeah, it’s definitely my division. I make weight pretty easily. I’ve very strong in this division. I’m strong in the lightweight division, to be quite honest. Obviously their bodies are bigger but with my strength, I wouldn’t be afraid to go up.”

While Volkanovski intends to remain at featherweight and defend his title, he admitted that he’s thought about challenging the UFC lightweight champion, Khabib.

“Of course I have. I’m not going looking for these fights but you’d be silly if it doesn’t cross your mind. I’m not silly but I’m the type of person, I look ahead [at] all opportunities. Whether I think they’re going to happen realistically anytime soon, probably not but I’m still going to think about it. Same with Max Holloway, before I was even ranked, I was looking at Max going ‘yep, this, this, this’. Saying ‘I’m a bad matchup for him’. I was saying it back then.”

While he would happily accept the challenge of dethroning Khabib at 155lbs, Volkanovski insisted that his priority is to stay at featherweight and remain the champion there.

“But it doesn’t mean that me mentioning it now [that I’m calling out Khabib]. Me saying this now, people will be like ‘He’s trying to call out Khabib!’ But if that opportunity comes. My goal is to defend my belt in the featherweight division, we got a stacked division. So I’m happy to defend it there but if that opportunity comes by, I’m not going to lie, obviously I’ll take it.”

Khabib Nurmagomedov
Image courtesy of The Irish Mirrior

While no one has found an answer to Khabib yet, in any of twenty eight professional MMA bouts, Volkanovski is confident that he poses a serious threat to the undefeated lightweight champion.

“Let’s be honest, I’m not easy to hold down. Me being short sometimes works in my favour. My little legs get me up pretty easily. I’m very strong. I have a very good base. And you know that I can strike. So it definitely is intriguing.”

Volkanovski is currently recovering from a broken hand, suffered in his title win over Holloway at UFC 245. Khabib is coming off a win over Dustin Poirier at UFC 242 and is set to defend his title against Tony Ferguson in the UFC 249 main event.

How do you think Alex Volkanovski fares against Khabib Nurmagomedov?

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