UFC: Colby Covington Denies Playing A Character

Colby Covington made more headlines around the world earlier this week, ahead of UFC 245. But not the typical headlines we’ve come accustomed to from ‘Chaos’ over the last couple of years.

Speaking on The Candace Owens Show, Covington opened up about his change of persona two years ago, after he thought he was going to be released by the UFC. Many took this as the 31 year old coming out of character to confirm that he has put an act on, since 2017.

However, speaking to MMA Junkie ahead of his UFC 245 main event title fight against Kamaru Usman, Covington denied that he’s been playing a character.

“I’m not playing a character, I’m just being real. I think they don’t know what they’re talking about. I think I’m just turning it up to eleven. I’m not afraid to speak my mind and speak what I really think inside. Before I was keeping those thoughts in because I was worried about how people would judge me, how the media would react, how the UFC would judge me for it. Now I don’t give a s***. I would care less what they think of me. At the end of the day I’m what’s good for this sport and I’m making money for this company.”

Whether the Colby Covington we’ve been watching since 2017 is a character, or just Colby ‘turning it up to eleven’, we may have to wait a long time to find out. But one thing is certain, it’s had the desired results. Millions around the world will be tuning into UFC 245 in the hope of seeing him get the knockout win, or get knocked out himself.

“I’m just going to be myself always. I can’t say if I’m going to do one thing or not, I’m just going to be real. That’s what I’ve always been, is real. Maybe I’ll turn down some of the post-fight antics a little bit, but this is the entertainment show business for a reason and I’m here to put on a show for the fans. It’s not just when you fight. You’ve got to entertain them year round and that’s why the fans love me so much.”

While Covington denies putting on an act, he states the same can’t be said for his opponent this weekend.

“That’s definitely an act. He’s shaking in his boots right now. He knows when he loses to me on Saturday night he’s literally going to become irrelevant. Let’s talk about the only time he’s been relevant: When he attaches his name to my coattails. The only time people have ever cared about him or talked about him is when he puts out a video or tweet about me. This Saturday I’m going to detach him from my coattails and no one is ever going to care about him anymore.”

UFC 245 goes down this Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Do you think Colby Covington is playing a character?

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