UFC – Colby Covington: I Have Nothing Nice To Say About Dana White

The relationship between Colby Covington and UFC president Dana White hasn’t been great ever since ‘Chaos’ was stripped of his UFC welterweight interim title just three months after winning it.

Things got really bad however, after Kamaru Usman was given the title shot against Tyron Woodley at the start of the year, ahead of Colby. In the month or two that followed, Covington challenged the UFC to release him, warned the UFC he would take legal action against them, threatened to never fight again and even hunted down Dana in a Las Vegas casino.

After Dana promised Covington the next title shot, following Usman’s win over Woodley at UFC 235, Colby began to sing the praises of the UFC boss.

This all changed though after Dana blamed Covington for his proposed title fight with Usman at UFC 244, falling through. This prompted ‘Chaos’ to say that if Dana tried to wrap the belt around his waist at UFC 245, where he will challenge Usman for the UFC welterweight title, he would “slap him in the face with it”.

A couple weeks after saying this, the two met at the UFC 245 pre-fight press conference, last month. Speaking to MMA Fighting, Colby was asked whether they have spoken to each other recently.

“No, I haven’t talked to him at all. The only time I talked to him was right before the press conference before I went on stage, I was like ‘Hey Dana, how you doing?’ and you could tell he was a little afraid of me. He was like ‘how’s it going, how you doing?’ and I was just like ‘I feel good’. That was basically it. He went on the stage and we did the press conference and that was it.

“That’s the only words we’ve spoken to each other. I don’t have anything nice to say about him and I know he has nothing nice to say about me ever.”

Covington went on to again hit out at Dana for lying about him turning down the fight with Usman at UFC 244.

“It’s sad that he has that type of platform where people believe everything he says and they’re so gullible. They just believe what they read, they don’t believe what they see. He wants to blame me but what about ‘Marty Fakenewsman’? He didn’t accept any fight. He wouldn’t fight me. He wouldn’t fight that journeyman Jorge Masvidal. He wouldn’t fight Leon Scott (Leon Edwards). He wouldn’t fight anybody,” Covington insisted.

“Why is it put on me that I didn’t want to fight when you’re getting me a petty, bulls*** offer when I built this thing up into something bigger than life. It’s a spectacle. I brought out the president and I wasn’t even fighting.

“It’s sad the narrative he tries to run and what’s even sadder are the fans and the people who actually believe anything that comes out of his mouth.

“He’s always making up lies about me in the media, making these false and fake narratives. I’m not afraid to call a spade a spade. Whether I’m brutally honest or not, people should recognised how real I am and people should know I always speak the truth when I talk in interviews.”

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