UFC: Dana White Dismisses Reports Of Masvidal vs McGregor

Dana White has denied reports that a fight between Conor McGregor and Jorge Masvidal is in the works.

The UFC president hinted last week that he was considering an ‘interesting option’ for Jorge Masvidal’s next bout, which immediately sparked rumours of a matchup with McGregor. However, Dana has put an end to speculation in an interview with  Jim Rome (as transcribed by The Mac Life in which he dismissed the recent whispers.

“People are writing stories like I said yesterday that we’re going to do Conor vs Masvidal — I never said that.

“The guys that I was doing an interview with were pushing me on that fight and I’m like yeah it’s interesting. Anything is possible. I didn’t say that was the fight that was going to happen. People are writing that today but it’s not true.”

Dana reinforced his original idea that Masvidal will most likely take on Kamaru Usman for the undisputed UFC welterweight title.

“The obvious fight for Masvidal is Usman. That’s the fight. He should be fighting for the title against Usman. We’re locking [Tyron] Woodley in, Woodley’s going to fight in a couple weeks. Get Usman and either Masvidal wants the fight or the rematch with [Colby] Covington. I don’t know right now. There’s a lot of options for that guy.”

Dana confirmed that Conor McGregor is healthy and ready to fight. With ‘Fight Island’ set to open it’s doors in mid-June, the UFC boss is open to Conor headlining an event there, despite the substantial loss in gate money that would come from scheduling his highest grossing athlete to fight in an empty arena.

“Conor’s been ready to fight for a while. He’s in shape. He’s ready to go.

“First of all, ‘Fight Island’ is going to be very important in any of these fights that are happening with people from outside the country. It kills me to do a fight with Conor without fans. Kills me. I mean, this guy’s doing almost $20 million gates.”

Who do you think Conor McGregor will face next?

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