UFC: Dana White Hits Out At The Media Over Conor McGregor Comments

UFC president Dana White recently made a statement related to Conor McGregor’s retirement, that was completely misinterpreted, according to him. In summary, he said that the former two-division champion turned down an offer to step in at UFC 249 in the case Tony Ferguson or Khabib Nurmagomedov pulled out. Numerous MMA portals and journalists interpreted his words as him ripping the Irishman.

However, speaking at the UFC APEX ahead of this weekend’s UFC Vegas 2 card (transcript by MMA Junkie), Dana expressed his frustration with the media for making ‘bulls*** headlines’.

“The bulls*** that I have read this week. I started scrolling through: ‘Dana White rips Conor McGregor.’ What? When did I f***ing rip Conor McGregor? The media is so full of s***,” Dana said. “And the f***ing headlines are such f***ing bulls***. You literally can’t believe anything you read.”

Dana clarified his previous statements, and said that the offer for McGregor was related to the initially planned UFC 249 on April 18th, and that the Irishman never turned down a last-minute fight.

“Never did Conor turn down a last-minute fight. He told us way before that, that he was out of the fight, and we never even asked him again.”

Dana also used the opportunity to throw shade at the MMA media, for misinterpreting his words.

“All these idiots start writing stories that I ripped him and that I said he wouldn’t take the fight and everything else. It’s all bulls***,” he said. “Absolute f***ing bulls***. And the only thing that was stupider than the f***ing stories they wrote was the headlines that they put on it. It’s f***ing unbelievable. You literally cannot believe anything you read.”

How did you interpret Dana White’s original comments on Conor McGregor not wanting to fight at UFC 249?

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