UFC: Darren Till Responds To Mike Perry’s Recent Comments

During the start of the COVID-19 pandemic when the UK was on lockdown, Darren Till used his time to engage in some friendly banter with anyone and everyone in the MMA community. Including Mike Perry.

And it was all fun and games, until Perry took personal issue with some of Till’s comment’s about his girlfriend, that may have crossed the line. Prior to this, the two had somewhat of a friendly relationship. Even with some callouts in the past, they still engaged in a sparring session. However, things quickly turned hostile, with ‘Platinum’ saying that he will go to jail, if he bumps into ‘The Gorilla’.

Speaking to BT Sport (as transcribed by MMA Junkie) Till gave his thoughts on how it all began.

“It was time, nothing to do, one training session a day,” Till said describing his version of the pandemic. “We were all bored out of our minds. I thought, ‘How can I make this a better experience for everyone who follows me?’ So everyone knows I was having jokes with the champ and that, then having jokes with Mike Perry, took it the wrong way. That’s all I did, and I’ve got a good sense of humour and I know how to write things and word things.”

At this point in both men’s career’s, it would be highly unlikely to see them stand across the Octagon from one another. Till will be facing the former UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker this weekend in the main event of UFC Fight Island 3, and will be hoping a win will guarantee him a shot at the title against Israel Adesanya.

While Perry on the other hand, still competes in the welterweight division and already has seven losses inside the Octagon. To make matters more complicated for ‘Platinum’, he was recently caught on camera punching an older man in a bar.

In a statement released by the UFC, the 28 year-old will need to seek alcohol treatment before returning to the Octagon. However, with the hostility toward the Liverpudlian, an Octagon may not be needed. If things were to ever go that way though, Till says it would not go in Perry’s favour.

“I think it’s just because he’s got a new girl and stuff that probably little bit offended his sensitivity, but that’s the fight game, mate,” Till said. “You have to be able to take it all on the chin, and he obviously can’t, so he’s talking like next time he sees me, he’s gonna poke me in the eye or something. Come on mate, we both know that’s not gonna happen. I’m 6-foot-2. I’d lift him straight off his feet, but I don’t take offence to it.”

Despite the threats towards him, Till still hopes the best for Perry. But insists that they won’t be fighting inside the Octagon anytime soon.

“Let him take offence to it. I hope he does well. I hope he gets the fights he wants. He’s never going to fight me. I’m fighting contenders, former champs. He needs to worry about his path first, before he starts worrying about me because he ain’t getting that fight.”

Would you give Mike Perry a chance against Darren Till inside the UFC Octagon?

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