UFC – GSP: Khabib Is The Best But He’s Heavier Than Me

Despite the fact that Georges St-Pierre is retired and hasn’t fought in almost three years, and Khabib has the toughest test of his career coming up in the shape of Justin Gaethje at UFC 254, speculation continues that GSP will return to fight the UFC lightweight champion next year.

Sure, both men have repeatedly called for the superfight. However, after UFC president Dana White previously dismissed any chance of the fight happening, GSP moved on with his life, and only last month stated he’s perfectly content in his retirement.

Within a week however, Dana publicly stated that if Khabib’s wants to fight GSP, he will make it happen. This left us with two questions; at 39 years old, is St-Pierre prepared to come out of retirement. And if he does, what weight would they fight at.

A year ago, there is no doubt that GSP takes the fight. Now though, we’re not so sure. With the weight class, Khabib has said he would want the fight to be at lightweight. St-Pierre has never fought at 155lbs. And as we know, Dana isn’t keen on catchweight bouts, or making a 165lbs division.

Speaking to BT Sport (as transcribed by CBS Sports), GSP opened up on the possibility of coming out of retirement to face Khabib.

“It’s tempting and I still train hard,” GSP said. “Now it’s COVID, so of course it’s different. It’s illegal to train combat sports here but I always train hard and I still get it. I feel I am at my best but the fighter is always the last one to find out when your time is up.”

Although Dana has said he’s now on board with the idea, GSP still has doubts that the UFC will make the fight. Especially considering that the last time we saw him inside the Octagon, he returned from a four year hiatus to beat Michael Bisping at UFC 217 and win the middleweight title. Only to then walk away from the sport for a second time.

“I don’t know. It takes three parties to make a fight. It takes one opponent, another opponent and it takes the organisation, as well. I don’t know if the organisation would want that. I run away with the welterweight, I run away with the middleweight and they assuredly don’t want me to run with the lightweight.”

GSP then addressed the weight class situation, stating that he doesn’t believe he could make 155lbs effectively.

“I’m 39 years old and I don’t think I can go 155 without my performance being compromised.”

The former two division champion however, believes that Khabib walks around heavier than he does.

“I believe he is the best fighter right now on the face of the planet,” GSP continued. “Khabib is fighting at 155 but I believe he is heavier than me and walks around at a heavier weight. He is younger than me and can fluctuate whenever. I was never a big fan of weight cutting because I always thought of long-term consequences.

“Physically, I’m always very fit and don’t have a lot of water addition and fat. I’m at my natural walking around weight. It’s different for everybody but I think Khabib walks around heavier than me and is 185 or close to 200 and I’ve never been close to 200 in my life.”

While a fight between the two would be huge, it’s important to remember that the undefeated Dagestani has to get through Gaethje first. We’ve already seen ‘The Highlight’ almost certainly end the hopes of us seeing Khabib vs Tony Ferguson, and should he win on October 24th, he will be the party pooper once again.

Do you think we’ll see Georges St-Pierre vs Khabib Nurmagomedov next year?

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