UFC: Johnny Walker Torn Between Training At Tristar And SBG

Earlier this month, Johnny Walker blamed his loss to Corey Anderson at UFC 244 last November, on his former coach, Leonardo Gosling. In an interview with The Schmo, the 27 year old opened up on some of his former coach’s antics in the lead up to UFC 244.

“I don’t accept this loss because I can beat him. I know that. But I had a little problem during the fight, fight week as well, before the fight some stress with my team. So I learned a lot and it’s not going to happen again. I don’t train with my old coach anymore because the problem is with him. During fight week he stressed me out twice and before the fight, he almost hurt my shoulder because he don’t know how to hold the pad properly. We don’t match too well on fight week.”

Walker has now stated that Gosling also conned him out of a large sum of money. Speaking to Ag Fight (as transcribed by Bloody Elbow), the Brazilian said that his former coach cheated him out of $30,000.

“After my surgery, I was in Los Angeles and my coach wanted to do a partnership with a gym in Thailand. We would move there, my name would be on it and he was going to teach lessons over there, too. I sent him $30,000, I trusted him, right? He ended up not teaching any classes. I had nothing of mine and I lost $30,000. I had many problems with him, but now I’m free.”

When Walker revealed his issues with Gosling to The Schmo, he announced that he would be going to Tristar Gym in Montreal, to train with Firas Zahabi.

Speaking to Ag Fight, Walker said that he wants to settle down at a gym and that he would choose between training with Zahabi at Tristar or John Kavanagh at SBG Ireland, where he has trained previously.

“Some of my friends watched Joe Rogan’s podcast and he asked Firas who he would like to train, who had potential to become a champion. He said I was a big name, that he would like to work with me, that I would learn from him and him from me. When I learned that, I got in touch. I don’t have a head coach and I’m looking for one that’ll stick with me.

“I also had that experience in Ireland, with John Kavanagh. I’ll pick one of the two, I’ll see which one I like better, him or Firas. I want to settle down somewhere and grow roots.”

Tristar is possibly best known for being the home of former UFC welterweight and middleweight champion, Georges St-Pierre. While SBG is known by many fans for being the home of former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion, Conor McGregor.

Walker will be looking to get back to winning ways at UFC Brasilia, which goes down on March 14th, where he will take on Nikita Krylov.

Which gym do you think would be a better fit for Johnny Walker, Tristar Gym or SBG Ireland?

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