UFC: Jorge Masvidal And Kamaru Usman Continue To Trade Blows

Having topped off an incredible 2019 by winning the ‘BMF’ title, Jorge Masvidal entered 2020 with the MMA world at his feet. But while the 35 year old openly stated that he would put a money fight ahead of a title fight, it appears that he will have to settle for shot at Kamaru Usman and his UFC welterweight title.

During UFC 247 fight week, UFC president Dana White confirmed that Usman vs Masvidal is in the works for their annual International Fight Week in Las Vegas, this coming July.

While during UFC 246 fight week last month, the two traded blows in interviews and on social media. Then a few days later, Masvidal stated that he will go and f*** up Usman and win the 170lbs title, while he waits for the Conor McGregor fight.

A month later and the two are still trading blows. Speaking to the media at UFC 247 (as transcribed by MMA Junkie), Usman again hit out at Masvidal, mocking the thing he is supposed to be best known for, his striking.

“Let’s weigh it out right now: me standing with Masvidal or me standing with Tyron Woodley, which one is a little more … yeah, Tyron Woodley more power, Tyron Woodley could touch you and put you out. I should be worried about Masvidal? He couldn’t knock out Nate Diaz, and I should worry about Masvidal? Come on, man.

“This guy’s fought Demian Maia; what happened? He took an L. He fought ‘Wonderboy’ (Stephen Thompson), what happened? Took an L. Now it’s crazy to me that he has all this hype, and everyone says he’s this striker, he’s this killer, he’s this, this and that. It doesn’t matter, I’m going to do me. I’m going to put him on his ass, I’m going to beat on him until he wants to quit, and if he stands up, I will knock him out if I need to,” Usman stated.

“Everyone’s talking about striking. First of all, you got to stand upright to strike. Don’t think I’m not going to take you down. I’m going to take you down, period. There’s no secret to what’s going to happen. I’m going to take you down and beat on you until you quit.”

When asked was the Masvidal fight a done deal, Usman said he still has his options open, and isn’t ruling out a ‘red panty night’ against McGregor.

“Hey, if that’s one thing you guys know about the UFC, nothing’s a done deal, unless it’s a done deal. No, we haven’t signed anything yet. Everybody likes red panty night, right? I like red panty night, myself. It is what it is. Once those contracts are signed, everything is signed, sealed and delivered.

“Like I said, everybody likes red panty night. So, I don’t know. We’ll go back and we’ll take a look at that.”

Masvidal is currently in Australia, where he spoke to Submission Radio about Usman and who will be the A-side when they meet inside the UFC Octagon (as transcribed by The Mac Life).

“Usman, we’re working on it. We gotta get the numbers from the UFC. They’re a very smart company, and they gotta pay us if they want that type of entertainment. I’m the alpha and the omega. If ‘A’ stands for alpha, then yeah, I’m the A-side times ten. Who the f*** is Usman?”

‘Gamebred’ also went on to accuse Usman of not wanting the fight, saying that he was forced into fighting him.

“You would think any champion would want to fight the fighter of the year in their weight class to extra prove something, to set themselves aside. This guy wants to fight a guy under me that he already beat, or if not, do fantasy match-ups, the guys in the Japan or other organisations. If that doesn’t let you know what’s going to happen, nothing will. He knows the formula. He knows about me very well. So, there’s a hundred other people he’d rather fight than me,” Masvidal claimed.

“You would think at that moment [he’d think], ‘let me sell to the public the biggest fight I could do because this guy’s the fighter of the year, he’s in my weight class. Let me go show the world I’m the fighter of the year in this weight class’. But no, he doesn’t want to do that. Not only is he a bad businessman, he’s just a f***ing idiot, man.

“He’s super forced into this fight. Dana said it. And what is he gonna do now? So, I don’t think too much of him. So, I don’t want to talk about the guy too much.”

Not finished there, Masvidal proceeded to take to social media to mock a Usman. Comparing it to the recent video to emerge online of ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith hitting pads.

With Masvidal and Usman expected to fight in five months time at UFC 252, during the promotion’s International Fight Week, we can expect a lot more back and forth between the two in the meantime.

Who do you think will walk away the undisputed UFC welterweight champion, Jorge Masvidal or Kamaru Usman?

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