UFC: Leon Edwards Hits Back At Jorge Masvidal And Nate Diaz

Leon Edwards is currently 10-2 in the UFC and riding an eight fight win streak. In his last fight, he defeated the former lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos in July of 2019, where he won via unanimous decision at UFC San Antonio. Since then, the 29-year-old can’t seem to catch a break in terms of getting any closer to a title shot, let alone a fight with a big name.

Although Edwards as been campaigning for a fight with Jorge Masvidal ever since the infamous ‘three piece and a soda’ altercation at UFC London, the British fighter has found himself in a state of MMA purgatory. After the backstage scuffle, ‘Gamebred’ has found himself in high profile fights. Including the BMF bout with Nate Diaz at UFC 244, and a failed attempt at the welterweight title against Kamaru Usman at UFC 251.

UFC 244 Jorge Masvidal vs Nate Diaz
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Masvidal vs Diaz 2?

After Masvidal failed to capture the gold, many labeled Edwards as a possible next opponent, considering the history between the two and their position in the UFC welterweight rankings. However, after reports came out that the promotion is pursuing a rematch for the BMF belt with Diaz, the Birmingham fighter voiced his frustrations while speaking with Submission Radio (transcribed by MMA Fighting).

“Yeah, I think that’s the annoying part,” Edwards admitted. “Cause the UFC wants the fight, like, especially the Jorge fight. I know he went to the UFC and he said he won’t fight me unless I got the title or whatever. But I believe he needs to fight someone in the top five to get to a title, which he’s not doing. So, it’s frustrating, cause the UFC wants it, I want it, but the other guys, they’re saying no cause I’m a hard fight and they don’t want to lose. So, I don’t know.”

Edwards went on to continue voicing his displeasure with Masvidal for pursuing a rematch with Diaz, stating that the first bout wasn’t even competitive.

“I think me and him is a big fight,” Edwards stated. “I don’t know. The first fight when he fought Diaz, he basically battered him for the three rounds that they were in the fight. So, I don’t understand where the selling point is. I just don’t understand it. He went out there, he battered Diaz and that’s it. Move on. It’s a weird situation. But let them do their thing and fair play to them.”

In response to Edwards’ comments, ‘The Stockton Slugger’ took to social media to hit back at the Brit. Which prompted ‘Rocky’ to fire back.

“He Doesn’t Want None Of The Smoke With Me”

Because Edwards has found himself no closer to a big fight with Masvidal, he has given up on campaigning for the bout inside the Octagon, stating instead that it is now “on site” when he next sees the BMF.

“He’s come out and said he doesn’t want none of the smoke with me, he’ll only fight me for that world title. So, I’m kind of over it now,” Edwards said. “He doesn’t want to fight. So, when I see him, we’ll be on site fighting, and he knows what it is when we see each other. It is what it is. You cannot force a man into a fight, right? If he says he don’t want to fight, you can’t. Nothing you can do to force him into it. I want it, the UFC want it. He keeps saying he doesn’t want it. So, what more can I do?”

“I Will Be The Champion”

‘Rocky’ still has yet to find himself a viable option for a next opponent, made even more difficult because of the global coronavirus pandemic, which has seen him unable to travel to the US. Edwards maintains however, that he deserves a big fight that will get him closer to capturing UFC gold.

“I feel I deserve one of these top five guys, if not a big name in the sport,” Edwards said. “So, yeah, I’ve been on the UFC now since March, trying to get a name in and trying to get a fight in, but it’s always, it was hard for me during lockdown. Everyone else in the top 15 are based in the US. I’m the only one in the top 15 that’s based in the UK. So, it’s way easier for the UFC to match them guys up, cause they’re based in the States, and I couldn’t travel cause of visa issues, and obviously you couldn’t get into America from the UK. So, it’s been frustrating and it’s been annoying. But my time will come and I will be the champion and I truly believe that, you know what I mean, so it’s all good.”

When do you think we will see Leon Edwards face in the Octagon next?

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