UFC: Mike Perry Calls Out ‘Soft’ Nick Diaz

Mike Perry is currently having a little time out away from the sport, following some personal issues following his last fight.

The 28 year old made headlines in his last fight when he only had his girlfriend Latory Gonzalez, in his corner. In spite of this, Perry still earned a unanimous decision win over Mickey Gall at UFC Vegas 4. A couple of weeks later, ‘Platinum’ was seen on camera punching a man in a Texas restaurant and shouting out a racial slur. As a result, he was cited for Class A assault and a misdemeanour.

In response, UFC president Dana White said that Perry needed help and wouldn’t fight again until he had addressed his personal issues.

“He obviously needs some help,” Dana said. “That’s not normal behaviour. He’s gotten a lot more angry and agitated. You see this happen with guys and girls when they start to get a little bit of fame, and start to get famous.”

A month later, Perry took to social media to apologise for his previous behaviour.

While Perry may be working on his inner peace, it hasn’t stopped the 14-6 welterweight from calling out Nick Diaz, who is believed to want to return to the Octagon in 2021.

Taking to Twitter in the last couple of hours, Perry posted a series of tweets aimed at Diaz and his ‘salt and pepper punches’.

This isn’t the first time Perry has called out a Diaz brother, between his last fight and the incident in the Texas restaurant, ‘Platinum’ called out Nick’s younger brother Nate.

Nick hasn’t fought since UFC 183 five and a half years ago, where he lost to Anderson Silva. Although the decision was later overturned to a no-contest after Silva tested positive for drostanolone and androsterone and Diaz tested positive for marijuana. The last time the 37 year old earned a win inside the Octagon was nine years ago at UFC 137, when he beat BJ Penn.

Would you like to see Nick Diaz return again Mike Perry?

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