UFC: Poirier Talks McGregor Trilogy And Fighting Diaz

Dustin Poirier is living his best life right now, after his star rose once again with his TKO win over Conor McGregor at UFC 257. However, he is not letting the stardom deviate him from his big goals in 2021.

After losing to McGregor in under two minutes at UFC 178 in 2014, Poirier returned the favour in the UFC 257 main event by stopping the Irishman in the second round. A trilogy fight between the two is reportedly in the works, as all parties involved believe it’s the right move.

Poirier’s calf kicks played a crucial role in his victory over McGregor last month, as he was able to compromise his opponent’s movement, before putting him away.

McGregor Trilogy

Speaking on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ podcast (as transcribed by The Mac Life), Poirier said that he expects his trilogy fight with McGregor to be completely different to their first two bouts.

“It’s fighting man, I don’t think you ever really [have someone’s number],” Poirier said. “He’ll make adjustments. It’ll be a completely different fight. Like the first one and the second one was different, the third one is going to be different as well. I’m going to make adjustments as well. I’m going to switch it up, keep things fresh and keep him guessing.”

As for the ideal date for the fight, Poirier said that he would like to compete in the summer, as he wants to spend some time with his family for now.

“June, July. My wife’s birthday is coming up, we’re going to go somewhere for a couple days, I’m still not… If I get the call and it’s time to go to work, I will lock myself in training camp, but I’m still not right now ready to go back to Florida a month removed from the last fight and lockdown for another ten weeks or whatever it is,” Poirier revealed. “We’ll see. If they call, I will do it, but I’d rather it be a little bit further. Let me enjoy my life back in Louisiana before I go right back out to Florida.”

Nate Diaz At Welterweight

As well as McGregor, Poirier is also open to fighting Nate Diaz, who called him out to a fight at welterweight, earlier this month.

“Before I’m done fighting, I’ll go up to 170 [pounds],” Poirier said. “Yeah, I’ll go up to 170 to fight Nate.”

Poirier and Diaz were scheduled to compete at UFC 230, but the fight was scrapped. Despite blaming the Stockton native for the fight falling through, the former interim champion says he’s still interested in fighting him.

“Me and him were supposed to fight at Madison Square Garden,” Poirier said. “I kind of was the fall guy. He gets to point and say I pulled out of the fight and I did. I went to get stem cells done on my hip.

“But I was going to fight, I was going to go through a camp and fight him if they wouldn’t have started offering me other replacement opponents, Nate was playing games with the UFC, UFC started offering me opponents and I said, ‘Look guys, if this is happening, I’m just going to have my hip taken care of.’ He’s a guy I’ve always wanted to fight.”

Who would you like to see Dustin Poirier fight first, Conor McGregor again or Nate Diaz?

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