UFC President Dana White Has A Plan

Since news broke that TJ Dillashaw had failed a USADA drug test at UFC Brooklyn on January 19th (you can read about that here), the UFC bantamweight division has had almost as much uncertainty as the UFC flyweight division.

Although it was widely accepted that Marlon Moraes would fight for the newly vacant bantamweight title, there has been much debate, between the fighters involved and fans alike, who should fight Moraes. With the leading candidates being Pedro Munhoz, Aljamain Sterling and the UFC flyweight champion, Henry Cejudo.

Now UFC President Dana White, has shed light on both divisions. Speaking to ESPN at UFC Nashville, Dana revealed his plan.

“I now have a plan. I didn’t have a plan before, now I have a plan. You know, it looks like we’re going to do, you know, the Moraes – Cejudo fight. They both want that fight really bad. It seems like a good fight to make with the whole Dillashaw thing now. And then you do him (Formiga) vs [Joseph] Benavidez on the same card and if anything goes wrong one of them can step up and take the fight. And then the winner of that fight is the guaranteed number one contender for the next shot.”

Dana didn’t make it clear what weight class the Formiga vs Benavidez fight would be fought at but although he said it would act as a back up for the Moraes vs Cejudo bantamweight title fight, we’re assuming that it will go down at flyweight. Which would suggest that the UFC flyweight division is staying, for the time being at least.

If the UFC does make those fights, it would only make sense to make a bantamweight fight between Sterling and Munhoz. And that could even go on the same card. Sterling is certainly on board.

What would you like to see happen in the UFC bantamweight and flyweight division?

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