UFC: Sean O’Malley Fires Back At Brian Kelleher After Recent Call Out

Rising UFC star, ‘Suga’ Sean O’Malley has dismissed a multitude of call-outs from his fellow bantamweights, including the most recent one from Brian Kelleher.

Kelleher, who is coming off a submission win over Ode Osbourne at UFC 246, has put Sean O’Malley on blast multiple times, calling O’Malley a ‘p***y’, stating that his opponents have ‘hand picked and spoon fed’ and adding that that he would smoke him in a fight.

Speaking to MMA fighting, the undefeated O’Malley, who was victorious in his UFC return against Jose Quinonez at UFC 248, shunned Kelleher’s callout.

“I got called out by nine guys when I was out for two years. Some of them are going to help my career; fighting someone like Brian Kelleher is not going to do much. I think he’s 10-5 or something like that. He looks like he smokes cigarettes – he’s not going to do anything for my career. I’m definitely looking for smart fights – people that are going to up me. I go in and smoke [Kelleher], they’ll be like, ‘Cool, that kid sucks.’ It’s pointless to talk about guys like that.”

O’Malley believes the 135lbers that are speaking his name are underestimating the skills he brings to the Octagon, but looks to once again prove himself as one of the division’s best fighters.

“It’s good to be getting called out by a bunch of people,” O’Malley said. “Conor … was called out by everyone. I think the more I fight, the less I’m going to be called out, [because people will] recognize how dangerous I am.

“Right now, people still think, ‘I’m going to take him down and that’s going to be the end of the fight.’ It’s not going to be the end of the fight – I will choke someone if they take me down. I train jiu-jitsu more than I do anything. Jiu-jitsu is pretty much my life; I love jiu-jitsu, [and] I train it all the time. I train with really good people, but I haven’t got to show that too much.”

Tim Welch, ‘Suga’s’ longtime coach, mentor and best friend, has his own insight into Kelleher as a potential opponent for O’Malley.

“He’s a tough guy,” Welch told MMA Island. “He’s a veteran and he’s been around a long time. But he’s not that dangerous anywhere. We’re looking to get a step up and he’s not really a step up. It wouldn’t benefit us to go knock him out in the first round, it wouldn’t really do anything.

Pushing ‘Boom’ to the side, Welch looks to other opponents that O’Malley could face in the near future, once the coronavirus pandemic allows it.

“Maybe a fight with Chito Vera, he’s on a five or six fight win streak. A fight like that or this Mongolian kid (Danaa Batgerel) who got a KO at UFC 248, someone like that’s gonna give us a little bump, compared to Brian Kelleher, who we’ll go out and knockout in the first round.”

Who do you want to see Sean O’Malley fight next?

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