UFC: Tony Ferguson Is Not Interested In ‘McNuggets’

Tony Ferguson fights like a switch-blade. His array of front kicks, spinning attacks, superman strikes, elbows, granby rolls, and ground finishes have made mince meat out of the faces of his opponents. This weekend, ‘El Cucuy’ will take on Justin Gaethje at UFC 249 in what promises to be a ballet of blood and violence.

And Ferguson does not scare easily (if at all). Many have him picked as the favourite in the main event. Similarly, many have him pegged as a nightmare match-up for Conor McGregor. But the Irish superstar has evaded ‘El Cucuy’s’ clutches despite a rather famous call-out in which Tony referred to ‘The Notorious’ One as ‘Chicken McNuggets.’

Ferguson doubled down on his descriptions of McGregor as “fake” when answering some questions on ESPN’s First Take ahead of UFC 249 (transcript courtesy of Bleacher Report).

“It’s like chicken nuggets,” Ferguson repeated. “You ever see chicken nuggets made? It’s made of that fake, pink stuff, man. I mean, I love chicken nuggets, but I’m going to be real man, he’s fake.”

Ferguson dismissed McGregor in trademark fashion and claimed that ‘real’ fighters were continuing to hold down the lightweight division.  

“Obviously Conor’s a good athlete, but he’s not on the radar though, man,” Ferguson said. “Everybody at SportsCenter and ESPN, they want to keep posting these videos and they want to make sure that Conor stays in the limelight, but I’m going to be real. The two athletes that are keeping this sport alive is myself and Justin Gaethje at UFC 249.”

If victorious, Ferguson will have achieved the dubious honour of becoming the two-time interim lightweight champion of the UFC. Though he was originally slotted to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov for the undisputed title, the fight seems cursed. Incredibly, the UFC 249 reshuffling signalled the fifth time that match-up had fallen through.

How Ferguson handles the heavy-handed Gaethje will nonetheless preview how a match-up with McGregor might play out.

How do you think Tony Ferguson would fare against ‘McNuggets’ Conor McGregor?

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