WWE Champion Daniel Bryan Reportedly A Big Fan Of Henry Cejudo

Henry Cejudo ‘s name has been popping up quite a bit lately. Yesterday, the internet was abuzz with Nikki Bella’s response to Cejudo. Henry revealed that he met Nikki on the flight to Brooklyn, before the UFC Brooklyn event. The champion then alluded to Nikki being his ‘Lady Luck’, bringing him good fortune in his fight against TJ Dillashaw.

Nikki Bella answered back saying she would want to train with Henry Cejudo, and maybe have a glass of wine afterwards. TMZ Sports once again caught up with The Bella Twins, and asked Nikki about going out with the UFC flyweight champion.

WWE Champion Apparently a Big Fan of Henry Cejudo

Interestingly enough, Nikki’s sister, Brie Bella revealed that her husband, and WWE Champion Daniel Bryan is a big fan of Henry Cejudo. Brie told TMZ that Bryan couldn’t stop talking about Cejudo, and jokingly said that he would definitely want to go on a date with the king of the flyweights.

Daniel has been known to be a big fan of mixed martial arts, and even trained with some of the legends. Back when he was still wrestling on the independents, Bryan bunked with UFC legend Lyoto Machida!

Check out the interview with The Bella Twins below!

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