Tyron Woodley Opens Up About Pulling Out Of Fight With Robbie Lawler

Former welterweight champions Robbie Lawler and Tyron Woodley were scheduled to fight in a rematch at UFC Minneapolis. However, Woodley has since pulled out of the fight, leaving Lawler with no opponent for now. While several top ranked welterweights have since raised their hands and expressed interest in fighting the former champion, Woodley’s decision to pull out of the fight with just a month to go raised a few eyebrows.

Tyron Woodley’s last fight with Kamaru Usman saw Usman dominate “T-Wood”. Fans and pundits alike were surprised with how easily Usman dethroned Woodley, thus becoming the new UFC Welterweight Champion. Dana White had stated afterwards that after beating comprehensively, Tyron Woodley does not warrant an immediate rematch.

UFC then paired Tyron with his opponent for UFC 201, Robbie Lawler. Woodley punched his ticket to his dreamland, by knocking out Lawler during the pay-per-view. Lawler himself is coming off a controversial loss to Ben Askren, so everyone thought this was a fair match up. However, with Woodley pulling out, the former champion recently explained why he had to do what he did.

“A lot of questions about my hand and me not fighting June 29”, Woodley said (via MMA Junkie). “I don’t know if they’re going to reschedule me and Robbie for a different date or if they’re going to actually get him a new opponent, but I got to make sure I protect my hand. That’s where I make the money with. I have to be confident throwing my moneymaker, my right hand. I toughed it through the last fight, guys, a lot of (expletive) tape.

“This time around I’ve got to be honest with myself. The gripping, the grabbing, the posting, the pushing off, the strength, the snapping – all of the above was a little bit more difficult. I’m going to make sure I put myself in position to be successful. At the end of the day, I got to get that belt back. I’ve got to put myself in the best position.”

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