Brad Pickett On His Bare Knuckle Boxing Debut

After hanging up his MMA gloves on 2017, Brad Pickett has decided to make a comeback. Only not in MMA but bare knuckle boxing.

Ahead of his debut at BKF 16 on March 30th, the former UFC fighter spoke to

“Well, when you first think of bare knuckle boxing you think oh my God, and this and that. When you really break it down, as I do, I always look at everything with my correct way of thinking. It is not bare knuckle as people think it is. You wear boxing hand wraps, which are quite big so it is pretty much the same as wearing an MMA glove. In my eyes, it is boxing with MMA gloves on.

“I think that is where I will excel. I’m very good at my boxing style in MMA. I’m excited for that challenge, and I always look to challenge myself throughout my career. If this was more of a sport back in the day, I would have done this. It is only starting to get more regulated. Also, I’m not stupid, I’m 40-years-old so I’m not trying to fight some young kid. I will fight someone around my age and the person they have offered me is 41 and is an ex boxer.”

The fact the fight goes down on his doorstep in London, is a bonus for Pickett.

“It is right at my doorstep and it is easy. When I look at the training for the fights, training in MMA is a lot harder because you have to train wrestling, jiu-jitsu. It is tough. It’s a lot tougher on your body where in a boxing fight it is very easy. All you have to do is run, put yourself in shape, hit some pads, do strength and conditioning and spar. It is a lot simpler.

“That is the thing. I will be very good, I used to box before I went into MMA anyways. I think my style of going in with hooks will work really well in bare-knuckle style. My style translates very well to BKB.”

Pickett has a one fight contract, so will see how he enjoys it before committing to any more fights.

“I take everything as it comes. I’ll see how I feel. It is not a case of winning or losing, it depends on how I feel and if it is good for me. Even if I win and I don’t like it, I won’t do it again. I take everything as it comes.

“I’m not unhappy with my achievements in MMA. I’m very proud of what I achieved but I want to achieve something different. This is actually for a belt so cool. I can try and get a bare-knuckle belt, so it is about building a legacy.”

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