Daniel Cormier Opens Up About Injury That Is Delaying His Return To Octagon

Daniel Cormier previously talked about wanting to fight three more times before calling it a day. The UFC Heavyweight Champion relinquished the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship towards the end of last year. Cormier moved up a weight class, defeated Miocic, became a double champion and is now eyeing a return to the Octagon, so that he can wrap up his career in 2019.

However, Cormier has now revealed that he is dealing with an injury, that is delaying his return. Speaking to MMA Weekly, Cormier said, “I f*cked my back up at UFC 230. It hasn’t recovered as fast as I hoped it would.”

“I have to take some time off. I had to take some time to try and make myself healthy because my schedule was so heavy last year. Three fights, three five round training camps, very heavy training camps. Last year was three championship fights, I did ‘The Ultimate Fighter’, I did all my commentary duties, I took that high school wrestling job in the middle of the year. It’s just a heavy, heavy year and I just need some time to get myself back in order.”

“You think you’re better but then you’re not and when you’re not better, you’re really not better. You feel fine but when it goes out you’re on the floor crawling. It’s a weird thing.”

Daniel Cormier also revealed that he had faced a similar injury back in 2015.

“The last time I fought like that was in 2015 when I fought (Jon) Jones, I fought ‘Rumble’ (Anthony Johnson) and I fought (Alexander) Gustafsson. I didn’t fight again until the next July. I had to take nine months to try and get myself reset,” Cormier said. “Last year, I had that kind of schedule, too.”

Cormier then said that he does not have a time frame for his return.

“Once I heal up, I can start looking forward to what’s next but right now it’s just handle these injuries. Just get better.”

“I’m just waiting. I’m just waiting and when I feel better we’ll talk. Me and the UFC will talk when I get better and we’ll decide on a date and then we’ll go forward with a fight.”

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