Demetrious Johnson Reveals Medical Condition

Demetrious Johnson is coming off a unanimous decision win over Danny Kingad at ONE: Century, in the ONE Flyweight World Grand Prix final. The win was his third in under seven months, since making his ONE Championship debut in March. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, ‘DJ’ has been on antibiotics for a medical condition for the past six months. 

Speaking on The Ariel Helwani Show, Johnson revealed that he was diagnosed with SIBO soon after his ONE debut win at ONE: A New Era.

“You know I’ve been on three rounds of antibiotics this training camp and then the previous one we had antibiotics on me as well, so I think that I am on the end of this whole SIBO battle,” stated the former UFC flyweight champion.

“And then once I’m done with this, once I test again, I hope I can get my weight back to where it should be, which is like you know 140 instead of walking around like a 136 pounds.”

This was the first time ‘DJ’ had mentioned anything about it his medical condition, that he first became aware of after returning from the ONE’s Athlete Retreat in Thailand, the week following ONE: A New Era.

“I got diagnosed with SIBO after my first fight against Wakamatsu. It’s basically Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, basically your small intestine gets overgrowth with bacteria so whatever you eat, that’s fermented basically it draws in water into your intestine and it causes bloating, pain, gas, acid reflex, GERD. So I’ve been battling this since March and I jumped into my antibiotics to kill the bad bacteria so I’ve been into antibiotics for a long time.

“When I came back from Thailand, we ordered pizza ’cause we are about to go to Florida and I had like 6 slices of pizza and the next thing you know my summer was jacked up, just jacked up,” detailed Johnson. “And it was unusual because I eat whatever I want. And then I went to Florida and I tried to clean up my diet and it just kept on being painful, painful, painful.”

The American martial artist additionally said that he didn’t know what exactly was the main cause of his condition, or how his body obtained it, but he said that it could be because of different factors.

“It’s just sometimes your body just get some imbalance, it could be caused by stress, it can be cause by a lot of things you know, and yeah I just don’t know.”

Johnson is set to challenge ONE flyweight champion Adriano Moraes in 2020, following his ONE Flyweight Grand Prix victory.

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