GSP Says The Competing Chapter Of His Life Is Over

It’s been six months since George St-Pierre retired from the sport of mixed martial arts. Citing the reason that he hung up his gloves being because the UFC didn’t want him to fight the only fighter he was interested in fighting, Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Although many thought that his announcement to retire was merely a stunt, as a means of negotiating a better deal with the UFC, two weeks later, GSP left the USADA drug testing pool.

And from the sound of it, GSP plans on staying retired. Speaking to TSN’s Aaron Bronsteter at UFC Newark this past weekend, the former UFC welterweight and middleweight champion said that the competing chapter of his life was over, when asked if he still wanted to fight Khabib.

“It was on my mind when I retired, I really wanted to do it. But now, telling you the truth, UFC were clear, they had other plans for Khabib. So I turned a page. I cannot wait for the fight to happen and twiddle my thumb, I have other plans for my life. Being the best fighter in the world is not my number one priority anymore. It used to be, now it’s not. I have family, friends, I have a lot of more important things to do. And I have other projects down the road.

“It’s not worth it to dedicate all my focus and concentration to this if I’m not going to get the fight that I want anymore.

“I’m always training, I’m always in good shape, I will always be. But competition, that for me, it’s a chapter of my life that is over.”

GSP was in Newark cornering Nasrat Haqparast, who looked great in his second round knockout of Joaquim Silva.

Do you think GSP will stay retired? Or do you think we’ll see him return against Khabib at some point?

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